We are Eamonn and Tracy, a Fifty something couple who have decided to travel throughout Europe and North Africa in a Motorhome. This is a blog of our travels. We have no set route or time to achieve our goal of visiting every country in Europe. We hope you find our musings entertaining. Cheers Tracy and Eamonn

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  1. votr websit est très intéressant pour le mond de tourisme merci pour les photos et les rapports pour le maroc et bienvenue chez nous a tarodant cette une ville magnifique


  2. merci si vous bousion de l aide téléphonie moi sur mobile 0629667164 il ya plusieurs choses que vous intéresse
    ah I speaking inglesh just a little


  3. Tried to email some problem with address I have Enjoyed meeting ye again in Itea Did the train to Kalavrita Spectactular both up and down Turning on Xmas lights here in Diakopto Got emotional with the event and the amount of wine
    Talk soon From Hazlan the Campervan


    • we have a rough plan. So we decided in Jan we would spend a couple of moths in Sicily before heading for Norway for June and being back in the UK for Mid July. That is about it.

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  4. Hi, have you stopped Blogging? you appear to have vanished,hope you are both ok. I have very much enjoyed your posts


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