Knossos 14/11/2016

Knossos is Europe’s oldest city and the former capital of the Minoan Civilisation led by the enigmatic King Midas, him of the Minotaur fame. The place was discovered by a bunch of British toffs at the start of the 20th Century. These discoveries were made by Sir Arthur Evans aka ‘Farty Arty’ and his in-bred pals; ‘Messy MacKenzie’ and ‘Hissy Hogarth’. This trio, this band of slightly mad and incredibly stained brothers spent the next 35 years and a great deal of inherited wealth digging away 14,000 sq Metres of Cretan countryside just to the north of Heraklion.

From the Air

The result of this hard labour is a wonderment to behold. You do really get an idea about how this place looked and functioned. Yes I know purists will say that ‘Farty’ and his congenital chums have trashed the place by reconstructing great swathes of the place in

Re-enforced concrete. But was is the matter with that? Concrete was new and exciting in the 1920’s and was being used everywhere. It is no different to the things we did to Victorian Houses in the 1980’s by putting up bloody dado rails everywhere and pasting the walls with Laura Ashley products. We thought we were lovingly creating these badly-built, woodworm-infested palaces back to their former glory and so did Arthur. In my view it is far better to see something put back together than the approach taken by the no-show Italians who have left the Forum in Rome looking like Manchester City Centre the day after Halloween.

It was fitting tribute to the end of our time in Crete. A special place on a special Island. We will leave you with some pictures as we head Northwards and Westwards home.



Inside Room

Big Urn

Throne Room


Main Palace

Grand Desgins


Minotaur close-up


Bye bye Crete

We Love you



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