North Coast of Crete

Heraklion 14/11/2016

So our Cretan Odyssey has come to an end. After 2 months of doing not a lot we are waiting here to get the ferry back to Piraeus. So is it worth the long journey from the UK to get here? You betcha. We used to think Greece was the knees of the bee when it came to homing about but after slobbing around here on the Island of the Gods and Minoans we are putting our heads above the Knossos Parapet and shouting CRETE IS THE BEST PLACE TO GO IN A MOTORHOME.

The Journey

Rethymno 12/11 – 13/11/2016

There seems to be a battle between the guide books to what is Crete’s prettiest town. It is probably best described as a draw. Both have cutesy Venetian Harbours with a fortress and accompanying Narrow lanes and Villas. Both have churches that became mosques that became churches. Both have a decent array of shops where you can spend your tourist dollar. Rethymno has a beach in the town and looks a bit more prosperous and Chania is just a bit edgier with a superior harbour.

We first of all pulled in to the car park at the Marina but on finding out it would cost €40 a day we made a quick exit, filled our faces full of Kebab and drove along to the end of the prom where we bedded down for the night for free.

The next day we drove back to the marina and left the van for a couple of hours while we looked around. First stop was the Venetian Harbour which is a small version of the one at Chania and comes complete with Lighthouse.


Lighthouse through Arch


Harbour with boats

Next up was a walk around the old town to the fort unusually placed on top of a hill. They wanted a shed-load of wonga to get in so we didn’t bother. We did take a couple of pics before being chased out be a man called Poseidan armed with a Trident. Or have I just been reading too many Greek Myths?



Next we walked around some more on our way to the roman arch at the entrance to the old town. We did pass a mosque and some cats en-route.


Old Mosque with even older Cars

Roman Arch. Ummmm

After the arch we ambled back to the van and away. Rethymno is probably a really nice place to live-in but for the tourist it does not offer a lot. A pleasant place to spend half a day if you were in Crete on a beach holiday but it does not hold your concentration for longer than that.

Neratzes Mosque

Bali 19/10/2016

We used Bali as a stopover on our journey from Ierapetra to Elafonossi earlier in our trip but it makes more sense to include it here. Bali is in a wonderful setting as part of a double-dip bay. It is also not much more than a long stone’s throw away from Rethymno to add to its attraction. The resort is spread out around the bay from where it starts in the East on a small beach and then climbs up to the top of the cliffs before descending steeply to the old port. It you do not feel like walking then you can take a little divvy train from one end to the other. We did have a lovely meal in the newly opened taverna nest to where we parked before settling down for the night.

This is the first resort in Crete we have been to where the majority of the guests are from Russia and Eastern Europe and as a consequence the women are dressed in very little clothing while the men, drunk, spend most of the day building human pyramids wearing nothing but speedos.

No Parking sign – Greek Style

West side of Bali

East side of Bali


Heraklion 14/11/2016

We only spent a couple of hours here eating kebabs while waiting for our ferry after spending the morning in Knossos. On the face of it, it does not seem too bad a place but then was is the point of walking around another Cretan city as they all look pretty similar. We did spend the previous night in the suburbs where we completed our laundry and washed the van.

We will write an entry on Knossos and then that will be it for Crete

Love to All

Take Care



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