Elafonissi 19/10 – 20/10/2016

According to many guides this is the best beach in Europe. Well sorry folks it isn’t. It does have fine sand with the occasional splash of pink. It does have an eloquent sandy spit that connects the mainland to the island and it faces West. But, consider this; In July and August the temperature in these parts regularly hits 40°C and this beach gets visited by 5,000 plus visitors a day. There is only shade for about 500 people and this makes a lot of the non shaders very angry. It is not unknown for there to mass brawls here in high season. The sand on the spit has turned to concrete with the thousands of visitor’s feet trundling over it and is noisy and full of fag butts. There are hundreds of beaches better than this in Crete alone. Having said all that. If you are lucky enough to have a motorhome and spend the night here then you can see why this place is so special.

The Journey

We made a stop in Heraklion to finally get our washing completed and at the same time I treated the Homie to a high-pressure shower. We did stop in the town of Bali on-route but I have decided to put that in our Northern Crete posting. The journey down from Kissamos through the gorge is quite something with the odd Kettle of Vultures making a welcome appearance. The road is quite narrow in places and caution needs to be taken when tourists in rental cars drive with gay abandon in the opposite direction.

Vulture Canyon

We pitched up a few yards from the beach at about 5 o’clock and we went off exploring. We were not impressed and after a short while returned to the van for a BBQ and associated alcohol acts. To say we were deflated was an understatement as we had completely changed our route to get here with fine weather predicted. It did throw up a reasonable sunset which we made the most of.

Sun-setting at Elafonissi

To cheer ourselves up, especially Tracy, we made the executive decision to do a star trail with the Homie, and this is what came out.. We also decided to get up at sunrise to give this place another go.

Star Trail

And boy are we glad we did. We had the place to ourselves, not another sausage to be seen anywhere. Get off the hard touristy part and head for the Island. Now we have a different world. Soft sand with exotic plants and undisturbed nature apart from the odd jobbie laid down by fellow visitors. Like this the place is beautiful and deserves all the accolades bestowed upon it but by 10 the hordes have arrived and is time to beat a hasty retreat.

Sunrise on Elafonisssi

All ours

Pink Sand

Island of Elafonissi

Sea Daffodil

From the Castle


Elafonissi from the Mainland

Love to All

Take Care



5 responses to “Elafonissi

  1. Beautiful…we were there this August, 20 euros each way and 30 euros for the night at Simon’s camping total of 70 euros which we felt was awful considering it was only a 9 min trip! And packed much prefer your trip!!?


    • We went there off season (your elafonissi) and it was fine. It was very beautiful. I think everywhere around the Med is not good in the peak season. Head for the middle of East Europe for bargains in that period


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