Southern Crete – Part 1

We have spent a week among the ancient ruins of a failed and hopefully soon to be forgotten society of the Western World in the town of Tertsa; Hippies. But before we got to Crete’s answer to Haight-Ashbury we spent a day in Elounda with old friends Clive & Sue from the Motherland.

Spookily enough it was three years to the day since we last saw them half way along the Sandstone Way in Cheshire. Doesn’t time fly? A pleasant day was had by all as we lunched in a waterside Taverna before going our separate ways. See you soon people.

Tertsa 17/10/2016

Clive Tracy & Sue

Elounda Harbour

The Journey

Ierapetra 11/10 – 12/10/2016

We had planned to spend the night just along the coast at Ag. Nickolas after leaving Clive and Sue as it is supposed to be a rather pleasant town. To our dismay we could not find anywhere to park for free that was level and so we headed out and drove like the wind to Ierapetra, just managing to arrive as dusk settled. We pitched up on the end of the Quay before venturing in for a quick drink before bedtime.


Ierapetra base

Ierapetra is the sunniest place in Europe and is a rather agreeable place to stroll around with a good range of shops to suit most tastes and budgets. We acquired one of those things to make Frappe Coffee and I am happy to report that it works wonders, great value for less than a tenner. The other thing we planned to do was to carry out some laundry. Free internet was acquired, a google search performed, an establishment located and off I trotted with our bags of dirty linen.

The website stated the laundry would open at 8 AM and as we wanted to collect it the same day Tracy ejected me from slumber-land with a sharp elbow not long after sunrise. When I got there I joined the queue of two others as we waited for the shop to open. After a short while a lady of a certain age in a bright pink tracksuit and oversized sunglasses stopped to inform us the laundrette would not open for at least another half-hour as the woman owner was going through a divorce. Never mind I thought I can use the time to go and purchase a mouse. Guess what? The mouse shop wasn’t open and so I strolled back in a somewhat leisurely fashion to be at the cleaners for the ‘new’ opening time.

After impersonating a lemon for about ten minutes my ‘friend’ in the tracksuit told me she may not open at all and sent me off to the other side of town where there was a more reliable cleaner. Mr Reliable was a deaf old boy sat within a mountain of laundry that gave the appearance that nothing had left this shop in years. The shop was like having a relationship with a cat, you put a lot into it but get nothing back. I asked him if he could clean our linen and without looking up or understanding a word I said he pointed to a calendar on the wall with a large stick and said 3 days.

I left and after some more bad directions and advice manged to get a mouse. I thought I would swing past the original laundry to see if it had opened on the way back to the Homie. It was still shut. I am now getting the feeling the divorce was not going as well as expected. As I turned away Madame La Traccie stopped me and said I could use her washing machine at her house which was only an hour’s drive away by car. It would cost me nothing and we wouldn’t be disturbed. Greek Hussy. I declined her offer and defeated went back to the van. The last time I was propositioned was when I was about 14 in an amusement arcade in Leicester Square in London by a chap that looked a lot like Jimmy Saville. Looking back, it probably was Jimmy Saville. We left for Tertsa with dirty sheets.


We had planned to stay in the town of Myrtos but couldn’t find anywhere pleasant. This is a small car-park close to the beach but we wanted somewhere we could get the BBQ out and so kept on driving. A few minutes along the road is the hamlet of Tertsa. Tertsa consists of two tavernas, a handful of houses, a beach, a mini-market and a tap. Everything we need in short.

Not a bad position

Tertsa High Street

We did not a lot for the next week except swim in the warm Libyan Sea, canoe a bit, cycle to Mythos, drink Sundowners and eat kebabs. We would probably still be there apart from a couple who turned up in a slidey-door camper and sort of invaded our space. First they put a washing line up all around us and then starting feeding the local stray cats at the side of us, but the final straw was when the woman started to peg-up her piss-bag on the washing line. I challenge anyone to stay in a place when your breakfast view is of the ocean through the lens of a used urine sack. We moved on.

Tertsa Bay


Sunday Roast

Dog in push chair

Just finished with the slide

Love to All

Take Care



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