Crete – Elounda

Elounda 18/09/2016

This is as far as we are going to go on this trip, the beautiful island of Crete. All we are going to do is eat, drink, sleep; repeat. We will be staying in Crete until the weather goes bad before turning round and heading home and according to local gossip that will probably be around the end of November. We have said it before and we will say it again; Greece is the best place to be in a Homie.

The Journey

The exit from Albania was the same as the entry. No fuss whatsoever. What is wrong with these people? There are people going in and out of your country with no checks at all. Don’t you realise Albania that people could be smuggling drugs, people, cars, anything and you are not aware. We carried out 4 cans of lager illegally into the EU and no one cared, we didn’t even get our passport stamped. How does your government sleep at night with all this skulduggery going on? If I didn’t know better I would think you were in on it.

Not much changes when you get to Greece as we trundled down a pretty poor road down the Western Seaboard of mainland Greece until swinging a left to meet up with our chums at Nafpaktos.


After the usual what have you been up to and how are the off-springs we had a quietish evening before settling down for the night. One of the great things about Greece is choice of breakfast and there is only one breakfast to have, and this a Kebab and coke.

Tracy had a water

The drive from Nafpaktos to Piraeus takes you over the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and then into a contraflow system all the way to Corinth. Best bit is they charge you €6.50 for the privilege to have a coach up your backside for a couple of hours. On arrival we went for something to eat and for the first time in my life I had my second Kebab of the day and I’m glad to report that Tracy got with the program this time and had a Chicken Donner.

There is a choice of two ships to Crete and we chose the wrong one. If you ever go to Crete on a ferry then choose Minion Lines and not Anek/Blue funnel.

Our Ferry

We booked a cabin as the boat was absolutely heaving with not an inch to spare. Being a cheapskate I booked an inside cabin with shower and bunk-beds. Without any debate I was allocated the top berth. Now only one thought springs to mind to a man when allocated top billing. Should I drop the biggest guff ever on my beautiful wife below, should I kill the canary, play the trouser trumpet? Of course I wouldn’t. Never mind how hard I tried I just couldn’t crack one off. The ship arrived next morning on time and we headed for Elouda.

First impressions of Crete are; the roads are much better than the mainland and it looks a lot more barren. Unknown to us was that Elouda is a bit of a posh place with the best Hotels in Crete and it is very close to Spinalonga. We managed to find an excellent place to park-up with good views and beach about 20m away.

Our first night spot

We spent the evening watching the sun go down with a beach to ourselves, a couple of beers and a Barbie. Start as you mean to go on.

The next day we got up and drove around the bay to Plaka for a trip to Spinalonga. For those of you in the dark, this was an island fortress built by the venetians, then an Ottoman settlement before becoming a leper colony in the 20th Century. The visit was a bit of a must for Tracy as she had read the book written by the wife of the little pug looking man on HIGNFY; Hislop. To catch the ferry across and have a wander around the Island costs a rather steep €16 per pop. There is a small museum that depicts the history of the Island and some un-kept paths to amble around. Like all monuments in Greece it is not suitable for the physical impaired.

Venetian Castle, Spinalonga

Entrance to the Island

Views towards Elounda


Leper’s Hostel

The Museum

Yes it is very sad to see how these poor people were treated in very recent history but that seems to be quite a common trait throughout most of Europe, well the counties that want to be part of the EU that is. We did have a good visit but it is a little expensive for what you get. On offloading from the boat we had a Frappe and then headed South.

Take Care

Love to All



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  1. Tried to leave a reply a few times…hopefully it works this time!

    Brilliant read as always…your sense of humour is cracking. So glad you didn’t manage to ‘drop one’ lol.


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