Kotor and Ulcinj

Ulcinj 06/09/2016

You have to admire a country that has had the same government since independence and apart for a few years in ‘retirement’ has been run by Europe’s biggest cigarette-smuggling baron. Obviously, being a chum of Mr Berlusconi resulted in the charges being dropped. Another remarkable thing about this fruit-loop of a country is that it woke up one morning and decided to use the Euro as its currency. Now there’s a way to make the Euro stable. With this track record it is no surprise that Montenegro was granted candidate status to join the EU in 2010. Being totally corrupt with no fiscal governance fits in well with the rest of the European gang.

The Journey

I did intend to write two blogs about Montenegro but unfortunately I had a bit of a senior moment and deleted all the photos I took of Ulcinj and so using prudence as a guide I have merged them into this fine masterpiece. And to confuse things even further the first part is not about Montenegro at all, but Croatia. We crossed the border just South of Dubrovnik and headed straight for a supermarket. Although the food in Croatia ain’t that stellar it is light years ahead of any of its near neighbours. Stocked-up we moved on South. Our next decision was about visiting Cavtat, a town with many wonderful memories for us and we were tempted to make our third visit. But we didn’t. So with a heavy left foot we motored along the last bit of Croatian coast before crossing into the land of the Black Mountain. After a short delay and a stamp in our passports we journeyed towards our overnight stop at Kotor.

The first thing to notice were the roads were slightly inferior to Croatia and they drove in a style more in the Italian envelope of incompetence. About half way along is a ferry that can cut off quite a distance and if you are reading this with a view of doing the same then take the ferry. Like elsewhere along the Adriatic you are blessed with stunning coastal scenery.

Church on Island

Kotor City Walls

Kotor 02/09 -03/09/2016

We managed to back ourselves in a free car-park for the night just a few hundred metres from the old town. After a sundowner we snuggled up for the evening.

We went just to the right

Lonely Planet voted Kotor one of the top-ten places on Earth. Lonely Planet take drugs. Kotor has one of the most impressive settings of any city we have seen. It has city walls that you can climb that scale high up the cliffs. It even has some cutesy churches and squares. But it is not one of the top ten places on the globe. It is not even one of the top 100 places in Europe. It is a pleasant enough place to wander around and have a coffee and that is that. The general ambiance is not helped by the place being on the route of every cruise ship that plies its trade up and down the Eastern Mediterranean. This helps push the price of anything up considerably and give the town a subtle fragrance of urine. It is a very pretty place by the sea and that is it.

Clock Tower


The usual Tat


We managed to bag a fridgy and a sticker before joing the frenetic traffic and head on down. Montenegro is far more overdeveloped with some pretty dire resorts. A shame really as the bits not ruined by Russian financed crap holes are rally rather pleasant. We did intend to not drive so far but as everything was so bad it was not until we got to Ulcinj before things improved.


St Stevan


The campsite at Ulcinj is a peach and we would thoroughly recommend it. Ulcinj as town is not too bad either with a walled city on top of the cliffs and endless shops selling tasteful Russo-centric beach attire. Think Borat. I had a haircut and a cut-throat shave. Tracy didn’t. We spent a fine time on the beach before the rains came. Ulcinj has some unusual stilt fishing huts with nets suspended from long rods. The effect is redolent of South East Asia. I deleted the pictures. Dumbo.

Ulcinj Beach from our homie


Montenegro is OK. It is a more Russian version of Croatia. The bits not destroyed are beautiful, especially the Bay of Kotor. But there’s not a lot of that left.

Love to all

Take Care



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