Exmouth to Croatia

Nova Gradiska 30/08/2016

Here we are at the start of another adventure in the small town of Nova Gradiska in central Croatia. After the collective dope-smoking that resulted in a leave vote back in the UK we have embarked on our own Brexit tour taking in as many remaining hapless nations as possible. We decided to bomb through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany before taking a slower route across Austria and Slovenia. But even taking the slowest route possible still means you cross Slovenia in about 3 and half minutes. And here is the route we took.

The Journey

We did take time out to drive in and around Luxembourg, home of EU fraudster and all-round bigot; Juncker the Spunker and were not overly impressed. It may be rich but similar to the Spunkmeister it has no soul, a bit like a posh Harlow. We shot past Europe’s dullest city in Frankfurt and spent the night in a car-park with 200 barbequing people that like cars with big exhausts in a town called Neustadt. A slow drive through Austria ended with us staying just outside the city of Graz before our short spurt across Slovenia on toll-free roads to Croatia. Finally we went around Zagreb and headed to the star that is Nova Gradiska. The town is the home of footballer Milan Rapaic and the best bar on the Bosnian border by far, Bar Hubert.

There are not many, read no, campsites in this part of the world and so we needed somewhere to pull-up for the night. Unless you can find somewhere up a dirt track then you may find you will get a visit from the local bobbies if you just weigh anchor. The alternative is to ask one of the local population and this we did. We popped into the snappily named Bar Hubert and asked the guvnor if this was all right. Not only was it all right we were fed and watered for free all evening by what seemed the entire population of Nova Gradiska. This was Greek style hospitality at its best. We had a truly wonderful but somewhat boozy evening. This to us is what makes travelling around in our homie so much fun. But we didn’t eat the fish.

Our host with huge Goldfish

Parked up opposite Bar Hubert

Love to All

Take Care



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