Copenhagen to Exmouth

Exmouth 01/08/2016

By the time you read this we will be back on the road heading for Crete via inland Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. We finally managed to get insurance for this trip from Axa after Saga revoked on coverage at the last moment. Enough of that and here are a few words and some pictures of our trip home taking in bits of Northern Germany and a brief sojourn into Holland.

The Journey

If you want to see where we stayed the look at the map HERE

Travemunde and Lubeck 01/07 – 03/07/2016

After the financial excesses of Scandinavia it was pleasing to get back to the feeling of the old sock that is Germany. Germany is more like the UK than any other country in Europe, even down to the details of them being grossly overweight and badly dressed.

Travemunde is a bit like Bognor Regis, a tired looking place with endless ferry ships passing by disgorging drunken Finns for a two day booze cruise. There is not a lot more to say apart from they like to sit in cutesy Wicker Chairs on the beach.

Beach wear

The other thing to mention is you can stay in the car parks for next to nothing and catch an hourly train to Lubeck. Lubeck is a peach of a city with a beautiful old town and streets within streets that are similar to the hutongs of Beijing. There is quite a bit to see in this potato obsessed town and we managed to fill up an afternoon and evening wandering, drinking coffee, eating potatoes and buying their world famous marzipan. We had a great day and would thoroughly recommend you visit.

Twin peaks

Lubeck Riverside

Hutongs of Lubeck

Potato Heaven

Schwerin 03/07 -04/07/2016

We wanted to dip our toes into the former East Germany without doing the obvious target of a trip to Berlin and decided on the city of Schwerin. This is a beautiful town with a castle plumped in between a couple of its 9 lakes. The gardens are free to enter and we took full advantage of this outdoor haven that is decorated with the occasional piece of art. On entering the old town we were met by the sight and sounds of a ceramic fair in full swing. I knew there was no chance of me getting away from here without a bowl. And I was right. Bowl number 23 was acquired.

The Palace

The Old Town


The Arty Photo

Outdoor Art

That night we spent the night in a free aire in the delightful town of Hitzacker on the banks of the River Elbe and with the weather set fair we spent a leisurely couple of days on our drive to Hamburg stopping overnight in the town of Stover.

Hitzacker Back streets

Hitzacker Main Square

Hamburg 05/07 – 06/07/2016

The main reason for us coming to Hamburg was to see the miniature wonderland; the World’s biggest and best model railway. The rest of the city is pleasant enough with most of the war damage being replaced with buildings that look the same as before those dreadful Americans bombed them. As if. We also took a trip around the city-centre port. To do this take the harbour ferry No 62. It is included on a one day travel card and therefore saves a small fortune over the Tourist centric offerings touting their business close by. To be honest it is only worth staying for the first three or four stops as after this it is a bit dull. The same can be said for the Overground underground which is elevated for a small section as far as St Pauli. Do not go any further to get that New York subway feeling.

Submarine from the Losing Side

As said the miniature wonderland is a truly amazing place with the scale model of Hamburg Airport being the highlight. The sneak preview of Italy you also get also looks pretty mind-blowing. If anything it is a sensory overload and in some ways you are relieved when you get to the end. But it would be churlish to say anything negative about this wonderful place,


Hamburg Airport


Our Favourite town in Europe – Kiruna, Sweden

Las Vegas

All that was left was for us to go for a scrumptious meal in the basement of the town hall and bid Germany’s second city a fond farewell.

Harz Mountains, Wernigerode 06/07 -08/07/2016

Once more back into the former GDR to experience the narrow-gauge Harzquerbahn which for more than a century has been taking visitors up to the top of the Brocken, the highest peak in Northern Germany. This is the largest integrated narrow-gauge rail network in Europe and we decided to base ourselves in the town of Werigerode where the Brockenbahn starts its steep climb to the 1142m high summit.

Wernigerode is a bustling, attractive town on the northern edge of the mountains and we managed to stay within a short walk of the railway station for three nights for €5 in total. We also managed to take some fine German ales while sitting in the square. Last thing to say is the area has a strong affiliation with anything a bit witchy.

Town Square

Well Street

Love these GDR signs

Forgotten toilet rolls

Drunk Houses

After the miniature world it was now time for the real thing, a smoke belching, fire-eating, living, breathing steam engine. Being from London and by default street-wise we managed to outwit a few locals and bag ourselves the prime seats on the train, rear carriage and on the left. And there we alternated between hanging-off the back and leaning out of the window for the next two and a half hours. Pure bloody bliss. We didn’t just love it, we adored it. Not cheap at €40 but a marvellous day out that has been voted in our top ten.

When the world was black-and-white

Our engine

Hooking up


Reaching the summit

From the Back


Up Passing

Tracy watching the curves

Apart from the view there is not a lot to do on the top, bit like Snowdon. We ambled around for a bit before getting the first train down and again loved every minute.

Attractive Wife, Unattractive buildings

Fairy-Tale Road 08/07 – 10/07/2016

Our final bit of touring for this part of Germany took us along part of the 600Km Marchenstrasse. Our part of the route took us from Hann. Munden to Hamelin. The route follows the journeys undertaken by the Brothers Grimm who travelled extensively through this part of the world documenting local folklore. Their collection of tales went on to become a best seller and we managed to pack in visits to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Rapunzel’s tower, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Cinderella’s castle and many others. This was a great three days spent touring around a beautiful and largely unspoilt part of Germany.

Hann Munden

Where to buy Europe’s best Sausage, Hann. Munden

Hann. Munden again

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Rupunzel’s Tower

Bad Karlshafen

Baron Munchausen


Pied Piper

Delft 12/07/2016

Our final stop of the tour saw us in Delft before we caught the ferry home from the Hook-of-Holland. Our last night also delivered us the largest camping fee we have ever encountered, a real rip-off. Not to be upset we cycled into the old town for a bowl, a drink and a rice-table. Delft is a bit like a mini-me version of Amsterdam and in our mind makes it a whole lot better. We had a good afternoon and evening and we finished off with a truly truly scrumy Indonesian banquet. We will be travelling again soon.

Town Hall


Just Like Amsterdam

Our final Beer

Delft Streets

Rice Table

Love to All

Take Care



4 responses to “Copenhagen to Exmouth

  1. I have missed you, welcome back and safe travels. We have been following your blog and are in Croatia as I write this, heading to the UK after a 2 week stay. We are still working on the treadmill but next April we start our new life travelling for good. 2 humans and a dog. You give us inspiration ! Love Heather, David & Chloe The Dog.


    • We are in Montenegro as we write this. Resorts are uglier, but it has sandy beaches. Crossing to Albania today. Our favourites in Croatia are Hvar island and caveat, just south of Dubrovnik. Thanks for reading


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