Copenhagen 30/06/2016




Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen. A song belted-out by Danny Kaye who along with Max Bygraves, Billy Cotton and the surreal Black and White Minstrels made my Saturday night viewing as a child a miserable experience. And because of that I will always be indebted to those long-haired scallies from Liverpool who shook up the world of entertainment. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive early enough to ease my suffering of that other ‘Kaye Classic’; The Ugly Duckling.

So was that talentless Schmuck from Brooklyn correct? Well yes, Copenhagen is a fine city. It is made up of the best from Stockholm, Amsterdam and London which by anyone’s measure is not a bad pedigree.


The Journey



However before we managed to reach Denmark we had to cross the Oresund Bridge which links Denmark with that serial underachiever known as Sweden. Call it bad planning, call it data being horrendously expensive but we had no idea of the cost of crossing this bridge until the nose of our motorhome was rammed-up on the barrier with an oversized lorry likewise up our bottom. With no way to go we handed over the £100 required and were further disappointed by the receipt not being accompanied by a signed photo of Saga and Martin. To be honest at that price everyone should get the bloody box set in Blu-Ray. The bridge is OK and for your wedge you do get a small tunnel thrown in for free. But as friends we have made a short video of crossing the bridge so you don’t have to and you can view it HERE




We camped up in a site a short distance from the city centre adjacent to the Power Station oft seen in both ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’. The site is run by an entertaining gent with a pathological hatred of the French. So be warned friends across the channel.

Our first stop was the hippie commune of Christiana. Founded in 1971 as a ‘freetown’. This Camden Town look-a-likey consists of a few buildings with murals, some veggie restaurants and a street inhabited by ski-mask wearing men flogging weed. All a bit rubbish really unless you want to get off your head with a bit of skunk. For the record, we didn’t.



Building with Murals, Yawn


There are some fine buildings and cityscapes in the surrounding areas reminiscent of Amsterdam and a pleasant hour or two can be had wandering around this part of town.


Paint Job


So all we had left to do now was tick-off the obligatory tourist spots, buy a bowl, and get Tracy on a roller coaster for the first time since he was a teenager.

First stop was the café-laden and consequently overpriced Nyhavn. But for those on a city-break or cruise then this is a must-do, so fair enough.


City Breakers

Next up was a stroll down the main shopping street of Ostergade with the main purpose of buying a bowl. After a few false starts we headed into the homeware section of Illum. We were greeted with an overwhelming selection of kitchenware and after much dithering we acquired our Danish selection. I must send a reminder to ourselves to do a bloggy special with pictures of our bowls. We then took in the final few sites before heading over to Tivoli for food and frolics in the world’s best city-centre entertainment venue.


Bowl Buying Emporium on Left

Town Hall

Hans Christian Andersen


Ten quid gets you into Tivoli and included in the price you get entrance to the park and the numerous outdoor entertainment performed each day. For an extra £20 you can get a pass that allows unlimited rides on the various attractions. With only one ride in mind we went for the lower priced option. As we planned to eat later we went straight to the oldest roller coaster in Europe. I do love a ‘woody’ and this centurion did not let anyone down with a good bit of ‘air time’ to be had while seated in the back row. Tracy hated it, I had a beamer on for the rest of the evening.



Jose Mourhino doing his day job and not smoking a pipe


We had a couple of stupidly expensive beers before having dinner in a lakeside restaurant. We just wished every city had a Tivoli. It is a great place to spend a warm summers evening in and is suitable for all ages. Brilliant. We will leave you with our last Pictures of Scandinavia before we head south for a ferry to the European mainland. Scandinavia for us has been a bit of a mixed bag with Sweden and Denmark having fabulous capitals and boring scenery, while Norway has desperate towns and amazing scenery. Finland is not technically Scandinavia.







Love to all

Take Care



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