Sweden – The big drive South


Falsterbro 29/06/2016


It must be difficult being Sweden living next door to Norway. Norway is the current Miss World in the beauty stakes with fabulous wealth and you are just plain ugly. Sweden consists of endless forests, occasional lakes and consistent rain. I feel as I have had my head inside a wet cabbage for the last 4 days. You can add to this beer only fit for the under-5’s and wildly expensive prices for anything you can think off and you are left with only one conclusion; Sweden is the worst place we have been to in our Motorhome. Granted Stockholm is a beautiful city and well worthy of a visit, but the rest….. The only reason for going to Sweden is to get to and from Norway, unfortunately. The people are pretty miserable too and to be honest I can see why. The only food they eat is Hamburgers, they live in inferior sheds to their Norwegian supermodel sister and their towns range from dire to hell-hole.



Our Journey




The 2,300Km (1,500 Mile) journey took us four longish days to complete and apart from seeing a few reindeer wandering about on the road and some good views close to the Norwegian border the journey was mind-numbingly dull.



Another Reindeer

We did however a few hours driving in Norway before reaching this blandness and was greeted a farewell by a young Elk and a couple of parting views.


young Elk

Norwegian Mainland


Narvik Bridge

I suppose I should sum-up Norway. It is an absolute wonderment of views with every type of glacial erosion on display, U-shaped valleys, gorges, waterfalls, lush green plains. We have never been anywhere close to its beauty. On the downside it is insanely expensive and at times you feel a bit trapped in your van. You cannot really go for a drink in a nice bar at the end of the day. We imported all our alcohol and meat for a one month trip to try have a reasonable time. And because of the costs we still rate Greece as our favourite country to visit in a motorhome.


I don’t really have anything else to say about Sweden as I don’t want to be negative. So if you want to see endless forests with lakes go to Poland. It is half the price with friendly people, and it has bisons and better weather.


The only decent view in Sweden

The attractive city of Kiruna

Basildon? Basingstoke? Livingstone? No the beauty that is Kiruna


Love to All

Take Care



5 responses to “Sweden – The big drive South

    • I have read a lot of blogs by people who have been to places we have been and I sometimes wonder if they have got out the van. Thx for comments


  1. Really look forward to your blogs quite scathing but always amusing! But where have you gone have received anything for ages did Sweden retaliate!

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