Sunndalsora to Sandnessjoen



Helgeland Bridge


Sandnessjoen 17/06/2016




We are here at the start of our journey up the coast on Tourist Route 17 towards Bodo and the ferry to Lofoten. We didn’t bother doing the Southern part of Route 17 as it is dull and also involves a lot of Ferry Crossings which in our case means a lot of money. First thing to report is the weather is still holding with bright blue skies. However, there is now a nip in the air as we approach the Arctic Circle.


Sunndalsora to Vanvikan 14/06/2016



After the excitement of the day before it was back to the more mundane matters of putting some miles down as we head for Lofoten. So the plan for today was to head to Vanvikan which sits on the Trondheim Fjord. We planned to circumnavigate around Trondheim to catch the ferry from Flakk. But before we got into some serious driving we thought we would go for a relaxing walk to see the ‘Niagara of Norway’ in the village of Amotan. This was a bit of a disaster as you have to descend and consequently climb through a sheer rock-face hanging on to a rope. We were not amused as we were given no warning. Even with a large dose of Viagra this is no Niagara. Pictures.


Niagara Falls


Old Farmhouse

The rest of the journey today was pleasant enough although I am now beginning to find it a bit hard to find something different to photograph. It is all reminiscent of Scotland as we head towards Trondheim which is no bad thing but it is not as good as we are used to. Before we knew what had hit us we were in Trondheim and so decided to hijack some free McD’s WiFi. It was so slow that we gave up after a while and got going back on our journey.


Vannvikan to Grong(ish) 15/06/2016




Leaving our base we drove along the very scenic Rv720 to Steinkjer. The first part of the journey is along the valley floor before the road climbs up and over and puts you on the shore of Beistadfjord. This is a very pleasant alternative to the lorry-laden E6 from Trondheim to Steinkjer. Oh and we saw some more cranes.



Mr Crane


Beitstadfjord Road

Beitstadfjord Island

We used the town of Steinkjer to top-up on food, water, gas and information. It was here we were told not to bother with the first part of Rv17 and to stick with the more scenic E6 to Mosjoen. It was also here that we finally called-off any idea of going to NordKapp. We have not met a single local, living or dead who would recommend going to Nordkapp. The most common response is ‘there is nothing to see’ or ‘it is always foggy’ or the best ‘ it’s just for Germans’ finally swung it for us. We have seen the extremities of The UK, the most southern and most western parts of Europe and the thing they all have in common. They are rubbish. And according to the fair citizens of Norway Norkapp is very much in that rubbish encrusted envelope.

We had a smashing Barbeque in our rest place and sat out to quite late in the warm evening sun.


Grong to Sandnessjoen 16/06/2016




We woke to a grey chilly day. This is something we are not used to in Norway. We have had smashing weather now for four weeks and we are thankful. We met a Dutch couple who have been here three times before and it had rained non-stop every time.

After a bit we crossed into Northern Norway. This is marked by a thing across the road that looks like it should belong to some out of the way place like Montana. The visitor centre and everything else was in the middle of a makeover and therefore closed.


North Norway

I only managed to get my backside out of the Homie once more to take a photo before reaching our destination.


E6 Scenery

We had not been at our parking spot for a few minutes when I had a complete melt-down before spluttering to Tracy, ‘Eagle, Eagle, I just seen a bloody Eagle’. Armed with our poor quality Binos (I would love a pair of Zeiss for my birthday) we watched in awe as it swooped about a bit before coming to rest on the ground about 100m away. Armed with my poor quality camera ( I would love a full-frame with 400m Telephoto for my birthday) we managed to get a picture of a White-Tailed Eagle. This readers is Europe’s biggest.


White Tailed Eagle



We rounded off a fine day with a BBQ, for a change. We also had this view of Donna, not the Kebab the Island.






Love to All

Take Care



















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