Lofoten Islands

Fiskebol 23/06/2016



Reputed to be the most beautiful islands in the world by many a person more travelled than us. But for us, these are the most perfectly formed specimens we have come across anywhere in the world. Better than Hawaii? Yep, Santorini? Yep. The only island that is close is the Isle of Dogs in London and for me that is still the best, but in these matters Tracy has the casting vote. When you approach by ship they look like an angry dragon rising out of the sea from a distance and when you get closer and explore them they are the land that time forgot. Yea, we thought that was Devon as well, but no it is here, the magnificent Lofoten Islands.


Our Journey


Day 1 A to Vikten 20/06/2106


Not the best night’s sleep was had to be fair with us sharing parking with the bus depot. Memo to self; do not use the dreadful Camper Contact App ever again. There was also a whiff of fish in the air, not fresh fish but fish that had been nailed to a post and left for the last six months. This is loved by Italians and tons of the rotting flesh is packed up and shipped off every year. According to legend this early form of snack was what enabled those laugh-a-minute Vikings to travel in a comedy hat further than anybody else at the time and commit rape.


Rapist’s Snack

The birds like to peck the eyes out

Once used to the smell we made our first stop in a quaint fishing village in the first town in the world: A. And that is the only prize it will ever win. It looks great but everything is false. Great for the camera buy not a real place.


First in the World

We are next to the green one and close to the fish


A reflective A

Places to stay


We then spent the rest of the morning going along the Eastern side of Moskenesoy admiring one stunning picture-scape after another. All these places look great to view from a distance but are a bit uninspiring to walk around. Here are the pictures we took.



More Reine

Final Reiene



Time for a change and we headed for the West coast for a look at some of the world-renown white sand beaches and the first stop for us was

the village of Fredvang. We thought about getting the Barbie out and settling down for the day but there was plenty of No Camping signs around and we thought it was just too pleasant a place to spoil.





Fredvang Again

Final Fredvang


Prising ourselves away took us back to the main road and along the coast to the bustling metropolis of Ramberg. This regional town has a shop and one of the best beaches you will ever see in your life. A crescent of pristine white sand with emerald green sea and a backdrop of 3,000ft snowy mountains. Suck on that Barbados.


Ramberg beach

Ramberg Beach

Just one more stop to do in the village of Vikten. This is an end of the road kind of town and just before we reached it we found our stopping place for the night. All we had to do was find a place to turnaround and we were sorted. Bish-bash-bosh into the car park of a glass blowing workshop and bam. Tracy spots a bowl. Ten minutes and £100 lighter we exit with a crystal based masterpiece. Our expensive meal fund now sits at -£97.63p

We did get the Barbie out and watched the Midnight Sun.


Ready to cook

Midnight Sun



Day 2 Vikten to Leknes


We woke to a beautiful morning and had a leisurely breakfast before exploring some more of this Arctic Paradise. But we did take a couple of pictures on our departure.


Towards Ramberg



Today’s first stop was the fishing port of Nusfjord. This has been preserved as a working fishing village and they charge a blue-one each to get in. Having demolished the budget yesterday on a lump of glass we decided against walking around another couple of streets of brightly painted sheds. We took a sneaky picture for free.



The weather was now taking a nasty turn for the worse and so not wanting to miss out on the beautiful scenery we headed for somewhere to park-up and write this stuff. We just had time for one more picture.


On the E10 just before Leknes



Day 3 Leknes to Fiskebol


Today the incessant rain has been replaced by drizzle and wind which in these parts is known as a bit of a scorcher. So we head north to the coastal village of Eggum. On a windswept day the ‘Egg’ was not looking its best but still offered some wonderful vistas in all directions.


The Back of Eggum Beach


Eggum Village

Next we did another loop around the coast to the village of Haverringen. Again we must report that the only reason for coming to Lofoten is for the panoramas as the towns are not much kop. You could say that for the whole of Norway to be honest.



Graffiti House Haverringen

More Haverringen

Final Haverringen

We now headed for the island of Henningsvaer and the famous pottery shop of Cecilie Haaland. This place is bright and arty and touristy and we bought another bloody bowl. Rest assured we will not ever be going for the expensive meal, not without a big lotto win after this expenditure. It is lovely though and when we unpack everything we will post the pictures of this stuff we have acquired.



Cecilie’s Shop

Fishing Boat


Unable to walk due to a light head and even lighter wallet we jumped back in the van and made our way via the town of Svolvaer (bit of a dump) to our resting point just outside Fiskebol for the evening.





To sum up the Lofoten Islands. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth without question. However, it is getting very touristy and you seem to drive around from one themed place to another. If we were to do it again we would leave the van on the mainland and travel over as foot passengers and hire a car for the day. But let’s not take away how really special this place is.


Love to All

Take Care








2 responses to “Lofoten Islands

  1. Another great blog on your journey to the Lofotens, as you say lots of the scenery is very much like the far west cost of Scotland where we live
    Wonderful pictures and all written with great humour, I will miss reading your blog when you are back in the UK which at the moment is a very unsettled place .


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