Loen to Geiranger


Geiranger 12/06/2016



We woke to the sound of gunfire as an army of Vikings ran, walked, and cycled around the idyllic Fjordside town of Geiranger. It all looked very serious and organised from a distance but when we saw various ‘athletes’ pulling over for a fag or ice-cream it diminished the grandiose title of; ‘Geiranger, home of the fiercest fjord fun run’. It resembled a bunch of lardycakes out on calorie enhancing picnic. Speaking of lardy’s I now know why a few years ago a bunch of the local lads plopped conical shaped helmets on their heads, abutted a couple of horns and left these shores for a bit of rape and Pillage in Eastern England. Let us just say the local lasses in Norway are built to keep their husbands warm at night and the girls from Essex have never recovered their reputation.

Geiranger on the other end is in a peach of a location at the head of the similarly named Geirangerfjord. The town itself is dismally poor with all the architectural refinement of 1960’s tower block. How can a country with such great design ethic get its towns so wrong?


Our Journey



First off was a quick detour to the glacier of Jostedalsbreen. First we checked there were no cruise ships docked in the port of Olden before heading up-valley. Only someone with a brain the size of a weevils wedding tackle would disagree when we say this is one of the most beautiful places we have been to in the whole of Europe. If you are ever up this way then please make this short drive. Pictures for you.



Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Jostedalsbreen Valley

Reflection 1

Reflection 2

Reflection 3


We didn’t bother to pay the parking fee and have a walk to get a closer view of the glacier. Both Tracy and I have been to the snow dome in Milton Keynes and we know what it is like to walk on ice, hence, another £30 into the expensive meal fund which now stands at £30.04. As well as the stunning landscape it has a tunnel like a drain which anyone with basic driving skills can get a motorhome to loop-the-loop. See how we got on HERE.


Back on track we stopped off in for once in a delightful touristy town, Stryn. A place laid out by someone who had at least completed an O-Level in town planning. We popped into another excellent Tourist Information centre for a few new armfuls of brochures to keep us going. Note to every other country in the world, learn from Norway when it comes to Tourist Information.


Our route took us on to the Fv63 from the town of Grotli onwards to our destination. Unfortunately for us the Old Strynefjell road was closed and we unable to drive over one of the oldest mountain passes in Norway. As you approach Geiranger the road climbs and once again you are placed in the snow fields.


High Road

Your next decision is to blow £10 on the toll road to the top of the Dalsnibba. We went for the drive and reduced the money in the meal pot to snail up hairpin after hairpin to climb the highest road in Norway, the Dubs Nibbler, as we renamed it. Was it worth it? Of course it was. Everybody knows this is the most magnificent panorama in Norway, and to date it is. Not just in Norway but on our travels. I never thought Riano in the Picos would be beat, but it has, not by much, but it is one hell of a view. And here are the pictures. In real life it is the best.


Nearly at the top


Drive Up

T Shirts at 5,000 feet. It can only be Norway

That View

We came up from there


I could ramble on for hours about the beauty of this place. Just put this and Preikestolen on your bucket list. The final drive down to Geiranger is also quite an experience with a stop at Flydalsjuvet. It does give the full panorama that the ‘Nibbler’ hands out a run for its money but loses by more than a cigar. It is snap beloved by Tour Companies.


Fjord Cruise Anyone?

The ship in the picture is the sister ship of the Costa Concordia which fell over while being commanded by a brave Italian captain if my memory serves me right.

Well today Norway gave us its best and it delivered. Hands down this place has the best geography in Europe. Is New Zealand better? I dunno, but if it is then it is only be degrees and therefore we will not be spending days on an aircraft to find out.


Love to All

Take Care



5 responses to “Loen to Geiranger

  1. Fantastic blog, I have been waiting impatiently for your next installment and i was not disappointed, wonderful pictures, fingers crossed our house sells soon and we can start our own adventure.


    • I have to load them when I can pinch some free Wifi with my Nano. We are currently in Lofoten and am writing as we speak. I hope to be all up to date by tomorrow. On Saturday we start to head home to the UK. Th anks for your lovely comments


  2. We live In NZ and it is spectacular but I must say Norway looks so amazing and for you it is not so far to go! We are planning a 12 month motor home trip around Europe from Feb 2017 and have found your blog fantastic to give us ideas off the tourist track so thanks for that. NZ is worth a visit if you ever run out of Europe places to see!!


    • Norway is scenically stunning. But. If you are planning a motorhome trip around Europe then I would concentrate on Eastern Europe and Greece. Not a lot in Spain and Portugal. Italy is a disaster area apart from the Bit around Naples and the Dolomites. Germany dull. Switzerland, too expensive. i will write it all up soon.


      • Thanks for that. We are restricted on how long we can spend in different countries because of the Schengen Treaty and the way it relates to NZer’s but I think we have a pretty good plan now encompassing most of Eastern Europe and Greece. Have loved your blog – the subtle humour, the pictures and the information. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing journey.

        Liked by 1 person

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