Gudvangen to Dragsvik

Dragsvik 09/06/2016



The sun is out, yet again, is this a record for Norway? After another beautiful day driving through some stunning scenery we have woken on the shores of Fjærlandsfjord after an evening spent finishing off our Estonian Beer and barbequing on our lakeside spot.


Our home for the night


Our Journey 08/06/2016



First stop for us on leaving Gudvangen was the holiday hotspot of Flam. A town beloved by Cruise ships and our gull-feeding chums from Asia. If I was an honest man I would have to say, it is a nice location for a railway station and…… that’s about it. The only reason for visiting this place is to board the Flamsbana for a trip on a train up a mountain. As it looked like a normal train with no panoramic windows and the people were packed like sardines with cruising folk we decided on a no thanks strategy. The rest of the town has nothing to offer, at all.


Up the Fjord from Flam

Flam, a town with nothing

The next choice you have is to either take the world’s longest road tunnel with a length of 24.5Km or take the slow scenic route over the top. Not being in any hurry we took the Aurlandsfjellet tourist route which forms the roof of the tunnel and is known as the ‘Snow Road’. The start is of this piece of tarmac is tight and twisty with most of it being single track.

However, you are soon rewarded with arrival at the Stegastein Viewpoint, 600m above the tranquil landscape below. The viewing ramp juts out 30m from the rock to enhance the experience. And this is what you see.


From the edge of the viewing platform

Towards Flam

Up the Fjord

After this the road rises higher and higher until you reach the snowy wilderness on top of the mountain plateau. It is quite bleak and barren up here but it does offer views across to Jostelsbreen and the home of Norway’s highest mountains.


Top of the Pass

Down towards Laerdalsovri


Norway’s High Mountains

Just before you start to descend from the plateau you are ‘treated’ to a scupture buried into the mountain in the form of a Bear’s den.


Bear’s Den

Our plan was to drive for a bit and pull up at the campsite where could do some much needed washing. But with nobody on site to dish-out Machine tokens we took advantage of re-filling our tanks before moving on to our eventual spot at Dragsvik. Here are some pictures of our last part of the journey.


Another Day, Another Waterfall


Hell on Earth



Love to All

Take Care



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