Geiranger to Andalsnes inc Trolls Ladder

Andalsnes 13/06/2016

Just for consistency sake we have just stopped on the edge of another Fjord with drop-dead gorgeous views and had an evening grilling in the outdoors, drinking beer and singing sea shanties. And here are the pictures to prove it.

Wild Flowers and wild nights

Our Spot for the night

The Journey

Straight from the off from Geiranger you are driving up switchback after switchback on the Rv 63 to the viewpoint at Mollsæter. From here you are rewarded with commanding views back towards Geiranger and along the Fjord seawards.

Towards Geiranger

Towards the Sea

Once up top the road levels out onto a plateau with an Alpine Landscape much in evidence. What is a common feature here in Norway are the eco-roofs. Once fawned over by Chelsea Flower Show Luvvies these are the staple here.

untitled (11 of 27)

Eco Roofs

Just as you are getting used to the level you are plunged back down to sea-level for the short ferry crossing from Eidsdal to Ling. Turning right brings you to the rather pleasant Fjordside town of Sylte. Here we stocked up the beer we had drank the night before and a few other treats before having a quick nose about. From here you can go for a trip around the bay in a replica longboat complete with Yamaha outboard disguised as a rudder. So if you fancy a bit of nostalgia then Sylte maybe your choice. And the weather is still gorgeous.

Viking Figurehead

From here you start the long upward climb to the peak of the Trolls Ladder, voted Norway’s best drive. After a short while you are given the opportunity to stretch your legs around the waterfall at Uri. Here the falls go underneath the tourist centre and out the other side. Worth a few minutes of anybody’s time and if you are inclined you can re-enact that ‘Titanic Moment’ on the purpose built leany-out thing.

Falls through a rock

The climb is slow and true towards the summit with the increasing amount of snow the real give away to your gaining in height. In fact the summit comes as a bit of a shock when travelling from the South. I mistakenly took the visitor centre as the start of the pass and was on the way descending before realising my error. Tracy rolled her eyes, tutted ‘I told you’ and carried on with her nail filling. Here are some pictures of the approach from the South.

Twin Peaks

Ridge and Lake

Just before the Summit.

The visitor centre at top is of functional design with minimalist touches to everything. Unfortunately it is mostly inhabited by tat shops. The walk to and the viewing platform itself is magnificent offering views of the road and the whole valley.

Visitor Centre

We of course took the pictures both of the view and ourselves.

Viewing Platform

The Pass


Us and Valley

Viewing Platform Take 2

Valley and Pass

Last One

We also have a new feature called TracyCam. This is where Tracy lies on the roof of the Homie and films us going down mountain Passes.

You can watch our first attempt HERE.

Naturally at the bottom of the ladder is a statue reminding everyone why the Vikings went exploring.

Local Lovely’s

Love to All

Take Care



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