Dragsvik to Loen


Utsiken Viewpoint

Loen 11/06/2016



Campsite found and the washing all completed. The campsite owner is a very jolly man indeed and after much banter he paid for our drying. The campsite itself does have some great views but is spoiled a little by the constant cold breeze off the fjord.


The Journey



We took national Tourist Route 13 which takes you up and over the Gaularfjellet before following a beautiful river system with some spectacular waterfalls. Needless to say we are getting pretty blaze about ‘Spectacular’ waterfalls. There are basically two types; low, thick, powerful types or long thin wispy ones. Tracy prefers hers thick and powerful and I just don’t know. The start of this journey takes along the side of still, mirrored mountain lakes before taking you up through a series of switchbacks to the as yet un-opened (June 23, 2016) viewpoint at Utsiken.


Upwards from Here

The viewpoint does look impressive and is a stunning piece of clean Nordic design. There were a couple of working chaps aiding a film crew making a documentary. Not to miss out on an opportunity and with a bit of cockney cheek in our armoury I managed to sweet talk the chaps into taking some pictures for me from the top of the structure.


From the edge

From the Top

We also got speaking to a Canadian Lady is was visiting some rellies. We asked her, ‘Where is better, here are the Rockies?’ Without hesitation she responded, ‘Norway. Here they have roads where you can get access to the mountains where in Canada you cannot.’ So it’s a No for us as far as a Canada vacation goes.

We did stop a couple of time as we headed down the valley to give the water features the once over and here is the best one.


The comically named Likholefossen

At the T-junction we headed right onto a busy E39 and along the shore of JØlstranet where upon reaching the town of Skei we headed up again before dropping to the Nordfjord town of Utvik. We chose this route as to the more predictable Fv5 up over the mountains. We have already done a couple of ‘snow roads’ and in our opinion you get more variety of scenery lower down. Also with experience we have found that anything that is labelled the ‘highest, biggest, largest is usually a pile of dog’s business and only used to willy-wave at dreadful dinner parties such as; ‘oh, we have been on the highest road in Europe, or the longest tunnel. Don’t collect lists when travelling people as you will miss all the best bits not in the travel brochures.


On the E39

Coming towards Byrkjelo


So with a quick whizz around to Leon and our jolly campsite owner we washed our clothes and eat outside again in sunny Norway.


Love to All

Take Care



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