Gunvangen to Kaupanger Ferry and Back

Leaving Gudvangen

Gudvangen 07/06/2016


Gudvangen is at the head of the NærØyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage attraction. Gudvangen itself consists of a dock, a couple of tat shops, a petrol station and endless numbers of East European coach drivers washing their vehicles. The contrast between the drab town and the Fjord could not be more contrasting.

Basically you have two choices of trip from Gudvangen; Gudvangen to Flam with heaps of tourists or Gudvangen to Kaupanger on a proper working ship. We of course chose the latter and left the hordes to fight for a space on the boat to Flam. The two and a half hour journey each way is priced at £45 return which in this day and age is reasonable. You do not have time to get off in the metropolis which is Kaupanger but if you get the weather we did you just want to sit up top and take it all in. A couple of tips; book it in advance and have the receipt on your phone and while they take about an hour to scan the barcode get your partner to run ahead a bag a couple of seats on the top deck with a table while the chaos ensues on the dockside. Another advantage to the Kaupanger route is that you get to ride on the listed MV Skanevik, a still working ferry from yesteryear.


Our Trusty Tub

Although most of the tourists left for Flam we were honoured with some Chinese guests who spent the entire journey throwing bread to seagulls and trying to take photos. At £4 a loaf here we reckoned they spent close on a grand between them turning sea-fishing birds into couch potatoes.


Before I was Fat

Apart from the some of the most stunning scenery you will see anywhere in the world we also saw some porpoises who are resident in the fjord. It is getting hard to describe Norway and its beauty, so I won’t but I will show you some pictures.



Rival Ferry

Mind the Gap

Flam to the Left


The Narrowest Fjord



Towards Kaupanger

Us in Paradise

Figure 1 Waterfall Central


Kismet the Gin Palace

So that leaves only one question. If I want to only go one way then which way should I go? Because of the light then we would recommend to go from Kaupanger to Gudvangen. The backdrop is wonderful in both directions but the light for photos is better and the entry towards Gudvangen contains far more drama the timid approach to Kaupanger. There is a video Right Here


Love to All

Take Care



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