Bergen to Gudvangen

Gudvangen 08/06/2016



This post is about the video below and a snappy purchase. We left Bergen by re-tracing our steps along the same road as we had approached until Trengereid where we hung a left and kept on the E16. Bosh, straight into our first multi-kilometre tunnel of the day. I am beginning to think that these Norsky types are descended from Moles as pretty soon the whole of the Norwegian road network will be underground and therefor negating the whole point of being here. By the standards set by this country the route we took to Gudvangen is uneventful scenically and packed to the gunnels with HGV’s. However, there is a ray of Nordic sunshine along this particular route and that is the town of Dale, pronounced Dar-le and not Dale as in the cheese beloved by Wallace.



Dale just happens to be the spot where Dale of Norway jumpers are produced. These are the second best jumpers in the world, John Smedley of Matlock, England just happens to be the best. As well as having their factory here they have their Factory Outlet here and ever since I was a small boy I have promised myself a Fisherman’s woolly.


Dale of Norway Factory Outlet

And within a few minutes and with Tracy’s eye for style I was smitten with both the cardie and the price, a 400 sov fully weatherproof pullover for less than 200. I did try and persuade Tracy to get a matching one so we looked cute together. I think ‘over my dead body’ was the phrase used at the time.


Style Icon in schoolboy pose


We next passed through the Ski Resort of Voss which like all Ski Towns looks a bit drab out of season. There is quite an impressive set of falls outside Voss called Tvindefossen on the side of the E16. However, with a newly acquired Dale safely stored we were on too much of a high to stop and get a photo.

We actually pulled up just short of Gudvangen for the night at the foot of Stalheimskleiva, the 13 hairpin road that leads down from the Stalheim Hotel, beloved by Kaiser Bill. Old Wilhelm used to holiday here every year and claimed the view from the veranda was the best in the world. Now weather you want to trust the judgement of someone who led the world into its darkest hour is up to you but for me it’s not too shabby but it is not what the old war monger claims. But now you can judge.


Stalheim. Best in the world?

It does also sport a couple of impressive waterfalls on the way down and as your viewing angle changes from one side to the other you tend to believe there are hundreds.


One of the hundreds of waterfalls in the Stalheim Valley


Not content with some old stills we strapped the GoPro on to the bumper and sped down to make a driving perspective video.


You Can Watch It Here


And that is all to say for now. Tomorrow we are going on the arguably the most scenic ferry in the world from Gunvangen to Kaupanger. I’ll be surprised if it is better than Woolwich Ferry myself but I will keep an open mind.


Love to All

Take Care



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