Stavanger to Bergen


Bergen 05/06/2016


We are settled in nicely alongside a sports hall and adjacent to a tram station for the short journey in to Bergen. The weather for the last few days has been gorgeous and we have made the most of it with a couple of barbies where we have wild camped. The landscape here is stunning with a variety and diversity we have not seen before in Europe. In addition, the roads are well maintained and the people that drive upon them courteous and in control, it is a delight to mooch around. So read on for how we got from Stavanger to Bergen, the route we took, the places we stayed and just some of the things we saw.


Tau 02/06/2016




We managed to find a lovely little place to kip down a small lane and beside a lake. It was quiet and we got a good night’s sleep. After a good hearty breakfast of a single piece of toast we were ready to start our journey north along the Tourist Route 13. Something we do find surprising is for the least densely populated country in Europe there are an awful lot of people who turn up in the most remote of spots. We cannot yet work out what these young couples find so attractive about visiting a lake without a pub, person or take-away Pizza/kebab restaurant in sight. Firstly they look grumpy of us being parked-up before disappearing into the woods and returning about half an hour later supporting large smiles and a giggly demeanour. We noticed the same sort of effect ourselves in spotting our first Goosander of the trip.


Spot just North of Tau


The first part of the journey took us to the ferry crossing at Nesvik where we exchanged twenty of our English Pounds for a 10 minute crossing. This included the discount we get by Tracy hiding in the toilet for a saving of £3. Every Penny……………..


RV 13 between Tau and Nesvik

Nesvik Ferry

As you can see by the photos we have lost the Snow wilderness of before in exchange for a Lake District envelope of views. The next part of the drive on day 1 took us to Sand to catch the second ferry of the day. We had a slight problem at arriving in the small Fjordside village in that the ferry has not run since November 2015. Apparently they have built a bridge about 10Km back that we missed. Us old folks. On the second attempt we managed to find it and leave RV13 for our chosen route along RV520. So if you plan to come this way and drive along the far scenic R520 don’t go to Sand.


Bridge between Nesvik and Sand

Vindafjord Island and house



The New Bridge

One of the highlights on the drive towards the town of Sauda, a dump by the way, is the Svandalsfossen Waterfall where a few hundred steps lead you up to a viewing platform which at this time of year transforms you into a wet cabbage within a couple of nanoseconds.



The Last Drop

To bring our leisurely day to an end we started to look for a place to stop for the night. We are getting into a routine in Norway where we try and stay on minor roads thus avoiding the hoards of Motorhomers travelling along pre-planned routes from campsite to campsite and find remote spots. This time we excelled ourselves by following a dirt track for about 5Km and ending up on the side of a lake with no-one for miles. Barbie out, Gun out, great spot, great night.



The View

Ready to cook

As Dark as it gets


Hellandsbygd 03/06/2016



The first part of our journey towards re-joining the RV13 at Roldal is a climb up high over a snowy mountain pass. As always the roads are in immaculate condition and it was fun to see the locals humping up slopes before skiing down.


Between Sauda and Roldal

Soon after getting back on the main road (for a small bit) you come across the impressive Låtefoss Falls. A dual pronged affair of watery wonder only spoiled by a coach part from Gloucestershire who blocked up the entire car park.



On reaching the town of Odda we went for the less visited side of the Hardangerfjord and we are so glad we did as we ended up at one of the best places we have ever plopped-up for the night. But before that we spent a happy couple of hours driving through the fruit growing district of Norway with both soft and hard fruits being grown in abundance. And some of the views were not too miserable either.


Just South of Odda

Fruit growing in the Hardanger

More Hardanger


Hereiane 04/06/2016



What a place. Scorching hot, stunning vistas, everything for a homie available for free and places to Barbie and eat. Norway, you are the best. You can probably already guess what we did. BBQ followed by a shoot-out which Tracy just shaded again. Our only disappointment is the lack of any decent avian spotting, been poor to be fair, a few crows, a magpie and umpteen wagtails does not make a bird safari in our book.



View across Hardanger

Full English


The Arty One

So now for the final jaunt into Bergen. First we had the small little totter down to the ferry port where we just missed a boat which allowed us to purchase 3 Litres of locally pressed Apple Juice. Scrummo. After disembarking we drove the small distance to the Steinsdalfossen, a waterfall that you can walk behind, which we did.


Figure 1 Feel the Power

From Behind

Us and It

Getting Very Wet


After leaving the falls the road is very fast and busy all the way to Bergen. We did not have time to stop and take a piccie before ending up in Norway’s second largest city.


Love to All

Take Care







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  1. Fantastic blog, wonderful pictures and great information, we are hoping to be on the road in the near future, Norway is definitely on the places to visit list .


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