Stavanger Harbour

Stavanger 01/06/2016

After our exertions up ‘the rock’ we took it upon ourselves to visit the coastal city of Stavanger. We took the ferry across from Tau as foot passengers to Stavanger to save ourselves a shed of money. After the last couple of days of decent weather it was a bit of a shame to be greeted by a big bowl of sludge as we entered into the harbour. Never mind as our first stop was the Norwegian Oil Museum. As an ex-North Sea Oil Worker I thought I should be getting a discount but they were having none of it. Interested in what I did as the surveyor on Choctaw 2 bringing the oil to the Shetlands, but no discount. You don’t get to be the richest country in Europe by throwing your money away.

I loved it and so did Tracy. The exhibits are fabulous and the museum tells a good story in how lucky they are and should they be doing more with all their wealth. Fabulous time.

Inside of Life Raft


Rig failure – French built, they learned

Production Platform


After all that technology we headed for a walk around the shops, well one in particular, Dale of Norway. We love their jumpers but we won’t be buying one here as in a couple of days we will be at their factory. We can’t wait. We also paid a visit to the tourist information office. The quality of the information you get in these places, the knowledge of the staff unbeatable. World Class. Armed with more info than the British Library we carried on with our mini tour in this mini city.

Stavanger is a major call for cruise routes and lucky for us there were just the three in port. I am all for the wealth these passengers give to the cities they visit but just think some greed is getting in the way. We were told some days Stavanger gets 6 cruise liners in on one day. There are not many places in the world that could cope with that influx and for sure Stavanger cannot. Anyway, lucky for us the heavens opened with an enormous thunder storm and the streets cleared. Tracy bought another piece of designer pottery and I smiled. But soon it will be MY jumper day. Few last snaps of Stavanger. It is a cool city and we kinda really liked it.

More Harbour – before the rain

Old town with old cruisers in the background

Man up Ladder

Painted Houses

Colourful Shops

Love to All

Take Care



2 responses to “Stavanger

    • You mind find 2 and a half weeks too short. It is beautiful and not as expensive as you think. No camping costs and places to dump and fill everywhere


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