Preikestolen – Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen 01/06/2016

Show Tracy a mountain and she responds like the proverbial rat up the proverbial drainpipe. Well today Tracy got her wish to climb one of Norway’s iconic photo shots. We have read a lot about this walk before coming here especially written by the lunatics who frequent Trip Advisor. One even advised taking a BBQ with you. We did consider this very carefully but we just failed to fit the 14Kg gas cylinder into a rucksack, the BBQ itself we could have managed with the help of a small army of Sherpas.

So how difficult is it? A bit like Manchester United’s defence to be fair; not all that. For those of you who have done any fell walking it is about the same as climbing Snowdon using either the Miners or Pyg. It took us; one unfit geriatric and one fit woman Three and half hours walking time to get up and down. We also spent about an hour or more on the top. There are two sticky bits on the climb with the first 500m being a bit steep and then a tough bit in the middle. Every steep bit is aided by steps and there are long flat sections in between. Would I take my Granny up? No, because she’s dead but Tracy is a Granny and she did it with ease.

The Route

The path start straight from the car-park and is well signposted throughout its route. The trail is in Nordic Forest from the start until about 500m where the tree line kicks in and the lush vegetation is replaced by Karst Pavement. There is even a swimming hole about three quarters of the way up where we met three London Lads having a dip.

We did the sensible thing and checked with the Mountain Hut the weather conditions before setting off. They promised no rain but some low cloud and with that mixed bag we set off.

Our Homie is next to the Blue One

As we neared the half-way point the mist did descend and we did contemplate for a few seconds to come back another day. We didn’t, we carried on and not long after the swimming hole the cloud broke and the sun appeared.

Boardwalk across the bog

The Really Tough Bit

With both the cloud lifting and the landscape becoming barren you begin to get your first views of the magnificent Lysefjord, one of Norway’s and therefor by default one of the world’s great glacial valleys.


You are fuelled with excitement as walk the final pull to the top. You have seen the pictures and you do have a bit of an idea but you can never really be prepared for something as majestic as this. Brilliant.

At first you approach the edge gingerly but after your first look down the 600m sheer drop you become a ‘Preikey Blinder’ and spend the rest of the day walking around with a Cockney Swagger. Here are a couple of shots of what it is like to look over the edge.

From the Front

From the Side

We had a round of Ham and Cucumber sandwiches and a couple of chocolate biscuits before walking around the plateau and having THE photograph taken. The only small complaint was this was another place slightly ruined by a fat bloke with a beard, AKA Billy-no-mates with a drone. Get a life freak. Let’s get these things banned.

Pulpit Rock


Us in Cloud

On the Edge

The trip down presented no problems and we zipped down in 90 minutes. Tracy even tried out her new Nordic Walking technique.

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

A tremendous day out and the effort is more than rewarded with the views and the sheer exhilaration you get by peaking over the edge. Reason enough to come to Norway already. We loved it.

Love to All

Take Care



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