The Hill of Crosses



Siauliai 13/05/2016



Half-way between Klaipeda and Riga lies the surreal Hill of Crosses. Described as Lithuania’s most awe-inspiring sight is taking things a bit too far as is the term hill, it is more a hillock or even an ample breast in size. It is covered in crosses though, thousands. Legend says the tradition of planting crosses began in the 14th Century as way of showing one’s faith in a country that was mainly Pagan at that time. Later when Uncle Joe Stalin and his army of thugs were in control it became a place for Lithuanians to express their national and spiritual pride.

Today it is a place of national pilgrimage and hundreds, if not thousands of crosses are added every week with the land around the original pimple being cultivated with crosses. The place was given papal seal of approval when JPII visited hear not long after independence. The place is eerie and yet deeply spiritual with the tiny crosses tinkling in the breeze. Quite emotional.


From the Front





Mary & Child

Side View


Love to All

Take Care



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