Tallinn to Helsinki Ferry



Helsinki 19/05/2016


Leaving Tallinn


Normally a ferry crossing would not warrant a separate entry. But this was no ordinary ferry crossing.




Firstly, do not go to ferry comparison sites like aFerry or Direct Ferry to book your tickets, they are rip off sites. We booked our crossing direct with Tallink for €122 where aFerry quoted us €198. Bandits. Next you have a choice between the fast ferry which takes 2 hours or the slow ferry that does it in 3½. Being cheapskates we took the slow ferry leaving at 12:30.

While waiting in the queue to board MS Baltic Queen we noticed a never-ending stream of foot passengers with pull-along suitcases. At the time we didn’t think anything of it. We didn’t think too much of why a large proportion of the passengers looked like they have had a bit of a night. We did notice the ship was full and people were queuing to get into any of the 5 restaurants on-board. Escaping the mob we chose the cavernous theatre at the stern of the ship thinking this will be a nice quite spot to while away the time.


Us about to settle down for a quiet 3 hours

After about ten minutes a band appeared on the stage and proceeding to play a mix of old rock and jive music. Even more surprisingly a few harden souls got up to dance. Time they came back for the second set the place was quite full with a dozen or more couples on the floor, some wearing dancing clothing and shoes.


Rocking Out

Early Movers


After two sets the band went off and I went to the bar. I now noticed that the vast majority of people on the ship were skanked. The ones that wasn’t were strapping cases of duty free alcohol to trollies with gaffer tape before joining there colleagues in getting trollied.


For the finale a Finnish Tango band appeared on-stage to the delight of a now near hysterical crowd. Yep, Finnish Tango is massive in Finland with every town and village having at least one venue for these hardy folks to dance the night away. The place was now choc-a-bloc with twirling aficionados of this Nordic-Latin hybrid. Gobsmacked. This is the equivalent of a cross-channel ferry in mid-afternoon and everyone was up, drunk and tangoing until the ship docked in Helsinki. Let’s have a big hurrah for these crazy people. We loved it. Apparently we learned that we had booked on the return leg of the ‘Party Cruise’. Every day this ship leaves Helsinki at 6 in the evening for Tallinn. It stays there overnight before returning back at 12:30. Our only regret was not seeing the carnage of the night before.

Here is a pic.


But first click here for the video.






Thoroughly amused we got off in Helsinki and headed for our spot on the beach.




Love to All

Take Care



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