Turku 22/05/2016


We are writing this just before we board the ferry to Stockholm after spending the weekend in the lovely seaside town of Naantali.


The Journey to Kopparnasintie



We left Helsinki in late afternoon and made our way to the nature reserve at Kopparnasintie. Most of the road was dual carriageway before we turned off down a dirt track to our final destination.


Kopparnasintie 21/05/2016



We were alone in the forest and only 20m from the beach and after being in endless cities and campsites for the last couple of week this was heaven. We levelled the van up and went out for a quick recce. Quickly spotted was a self-composting toilet which was handy to dump our eco-friendly black waste in. No chemical shite for us. Next a few yards up the track was a BBQ hut complete with a fire basin, two grills, kindling and wood. Never seen anything as good as this, ever. Yes we have seen pre-made BBQ’s before but not of the quality of this place and with all the fuel free. So tonight’s meal choice was easily solved as we stoked up the fire before leaving it to calm down and cook some tasty meats and jacket potatoes in the embers before firing it up again to sit around in the cooling evening. Great Place, great evening.



Spuds in the Embers


The Journey to Naantali




Ignoring the Sat-nav we took a leisurely drive through Southern Finland passing through the towns of Ekenas and Salo before arriving at our intended stop at Turku. We found ourselves on the quayside in Turku, mid-Saturday afternoon. With the sun out and the place already beginning to heave we forgo the pleasure of putting money into a parking meter and headed to the more tranquil Naantali.


Naantalli 22/05/2016



Naantali is set around a picturesque horseshoe-shaped harbour. It’s a delightful, historic spot with the Presidents Summer house sitting across the bay as well as MuuminLand. This folks is where the Muumins live, the wonderful Hippo-shaped creatures live and breathe in an island off of Naantali reached by a causeway.

The first night we left our spot and had a walk around the old town and harbour before having a couple of soft drinks on a harbour-side café. For the second time running we were told the Wifi was not working and you couldn’t have the password. Don’t believe you Finland. Disappointed and broke, two cokes dispensed from the gun cost €10, we left for the sanctuary of the van and a couple of Latvian purchased lagers, cost €1 the lot.

Undeterred we did agree on a picnic the next day on the rocks overlooking the town. So, up at first light, we purchased all the necessaries before heading back to town for a few photos before having our splendid picnic.


Old Town

Naantali Street Life

Moomin Shop

Naantali Harbour

Moomin Land

Cafe Scene Naantali

We would have loved to have visited Moomin Land but unfortunately we were a week early so we had to make-do with a fly around the shop.


Rock Chick

Presidents Summer House from our Picnic spot

As we were catching the night ferry to Stockholm from Turku we packed up our van and drove towards town stopping off for an ice-cream and a view of the shipyard repairing a cruise liner.


We actually saw this old tub in Santorini earlier in the year

Lastly we headed into Turku and parked up on the quayside for a final walk around before boarding the MS Baltic Princess, sister ship of the infamous Tallinn-Helsinki vessel.


Turku Quay

MS Baltic Princess

Love to All

Take Care



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