Our spot on the Beach

Helsinki 20/05/2016



We overnighted in the car-park of a kindergarten with the view shown above. The next morning we drove to the Olympic Stadium, built for the Olympics of 1956 and parked up for the princely sum of €4 for the day. Helsinki is a proper, working, functioning city and not a just a tourist attraction with a bit of commerce on the side. People here work doing proper jobs and hurry and scurry around the place on bike or by foot with the vast majority of young men wearing shorts. It is like being in Exmouth with Industry.


This is our tip to visit Helsinki. Go and buy yourself a two hour transport ticket for €3. Park up at the Olympic stadium and get on board the No. 2 Tram. Stay on this tram as it weaves its way around the city centre and out to the design quarter of Punavuori where magically it now becomes the No. 3Tram. The tram now loops back through the city centre and out around the amusement park at Helsingfors and back to the Olympic Stadium. You can then either change here and get the No.4 that will take you on a more direct route to the centre passing the majority of the Museums or stay on the No.2 back to Kauppatori. If you want to spend all day and use this as a hoppity-on tour then buy an all-day ticket for €7.60.


We walked around a bit and went into the Cathedral which was austere to say the least. Would Helsinki be on our list of must-see capitals of Europe? Probably not. There is nothing wrong with it but unless you are into Tango or Heavy Metal then there far better cities to see first. We will leave you with our pics.




Inside Tuomiokirkko

Champion and Stadium

Love to All

Take Care



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