The Great Masurian Lakes

Augustow 10/05/2016

This is the second spot we have stayed at in our short visit to the Polish Lake District. This is a very understated part of Poland and in our opinion well worth a visit. There are over 2,000 lakes, which are remnants of long vanished glaciers, surrounded by a green hilly landscape. There are also about 200Km of canals which connect several lakes together making it a favourite of boaty types. We spent a day here in Augustow which was recently voted the ‘Nicest city in Poland’ by none other than Milka Chocolate. From Augustow you can paddle, sail or Gin-Palace it through 7 lakes and 100Km of canal all the way to Belarus if you wish. We didn’t do that but we did take a picture.

Augustow Lake

The Journey

Having finished at 10am from our Bison adventure we decided not to hang around for the rest of the day as all the birds and animals were safely tucked-up and not coming out to play until the evening. The journey is a mixture of forest, lakes and uninspiring towns. But the roads are good and every few yards you get to see Mr & Mrs Stork feeding their babies.

On the Nest

Nowe Guty 07/05 – 09/05/2016

We stayed in the garden of a grand house with direct access to the lake. The plan being to get the canoe out and have our first spin of the new year. But alas this did not happen as I elected to play footy with a couple of aspiring teenagers. Apart from looking stupid for about an hour due to their nifty footwork I also pulled every muscle, hamstring and tendon in the lower half of my body. Poor Tracy had to listen to my moaning all evening. The sunsets here were top-notch though.

It is another place where we wish we could stay longer but onwards and upwards.

Love to All

Take Care



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