Grutus Park

Siberia Express

Grutus Park 09/05/2016

Another day, another country. Well that is how it is beginning to seem as we continue to power North towards our date with the Arctic Circle. First impressions of Lithuania are that it looks poorer than Poland with inferior infrastructure and shopping choice. There are no Tescos or Carrefour in every town here. Saying that the spa town of Druskininkai looks a bit swanky as we passed through. Surprising what a bit of Russian money laundering can do to a place.

The Journey

Just past Swanky Town lies the ‘Soviet’ Theme Park of Grutus. This sprawling place contains many of the statues that once adorned the squares and parks of this former socialist state. The place is set up as a concentration camp with moats, barbed wire and watch towers blearing out Soviet anthems. There are also huts which contain exhibits of the oppression of Lithuania, propaganda posters and other assorted communist memorabilia. To top it off there is a small zoo and a Soviet style canteen where you can try a meat-and-potato lunch.

The first exhibit you pass comprises of a train consisting of an engine and the cattle trucks which used to carry the people off to Siberia in. Make no mistake the language here to describe the atrocities carried out by the Ruskies pulls no punches with special hatred directed towards Lenin and Stalin. And let’s not forget that Uncle Joe was the biggest mass murderer of all time and that includes the German bloke with the dodgy hair and tash.

It is quite amusing to see how these masters of the communist world portrayed themselves with athletic bodies and full Elvis Presley hairstyles. The women are the same physically as the men with just a little boob action to help differentiate. So a good few hours can be spent here and you will experience many emotions, but the lasting memory is of evil men looking ridiculous.

I hope you enjoy our pictures.

Love to All

Take Care




Super Heroes

Girl Power


Peaky Blinders

Great Hair

Watch Tower


All fingers No Thumb

Evil Uncle Joe

Comrade Cheverton

Let sleeping bears lie

Top-Notch Soviet Technology

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