The High Tatras

Tatranska Lomnica 29/04/2016

Unfortunately we have been a bit mugged-off by the weather on our visit to the Tatras and it put paid to our walk down from the Cable Car. But we have made the most of it by walking to a Waterfall and then having a go on a bobsled.

The Journey

We did the Journey from Eger to Tatranska over a period of two days stopping off at Dedinky in the Slovensky Raj National Park. The journey North from Eger was interesting in the fact it was the first time we had seen some ‘Soviet Hangover’ with quite a lot of dismal housing with the residents still using wells, depressing pre-fabricated tower blocks and men still sporting the Mullet. Here are some pictures:

The Hammers

Affordable Housing

In days Gone By

Not a Smokeless Zone

The prosperity improved remarkably once we crossed the Slovakian border at the same time as the weather deteriorated. Near the end of our route we were driving through snow which is not much fun in a wallowing barge. We pulled up at the side of the lake and put the heating on full blast.

The view out the van window – we were not going out.

We woke the next morning to find crystal clear skies and drove the couple of klicks to attempt our assisted ascent up the gorge. Alas, because of the weather we were not able to partake and so we headed earlier than expected for the High Tatras. Before we moved we took a couple of pictures where we spent the night. Looks better when the sun shines.


Strange choice of advert for a Fishing Licence

Stary Smokovec 28/04/2016

With the snow level down to 1,000m there was not a lot we could do hiking wise and so settled for a ride up the funicular and a walk to the nearby waterfall. Even this ‘easy’ hike was pretty hairy in the frozen conditions. We were glad to get down and parked-up. That evening we had pig-on-a-stick.

The Funicular


The High Tatras

Small Tatras from High Tatras


Us at the Waterfall

The next morning we spied a bobsled track and to our joy we found out it was working and so without further ado we handed over our well-earned euros and hurtled down this man-made slope. You can watch the Video by Pressing on the photo below.

And thus ended our very short visit to The Tatra Mountains, a place we would like to visit without the snow.

Love to All

Take Care



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