The Danube

Bratislava 20/04/2016

This is a very short entry as there is not a lot to see or do in Bratislava unless you are there on some sort of pre-nuptial drinking competition. We drove the short distance from Vienna along a flat boring motorway and completely forgot to stop and buy a vignette to use on the 10km of motorway we would be using.

We did plan to stay in this teeny-weeny capital city that has completely given over its heart to tourism but after completing the walking tour is less than 10 minutes and with no interest in looking inside a castle that has been systematically raped by the Germans and Russians we decided to eat and move on. The parking place highlighted above is fine and if you do wish to stay the night and join in on someone else’s stag then be our guest. For the energetic there is a hill to walk up where you can see a memorial to some Russian soldiers who died in the fighting here in WWII and then their comrades spent the next 40 years making these people’s lives as miserable as possible. So in our book that is not worth paying respect to.

Here are pictures of this picturesque little city.

Most SNP or UFO Bridge

Bratislava Castle

War of the Worlds

Tourist Take Over

Not tonight Josephine

Government HQ

As it was a beautiful sunny day we sat down outside a restaurant and had lunch. We both went for the Garlic Soup served inside a loaf of bread which was very tasty. There is not a lot else to say about our visit apart from if you go then be wary of the hundreds of fun-sized tourist buses that zoom around the old town packed with guests from the never-ending rows of Viking river cruise ships parked-up. We will leave you with a picture of our soup.

Love to All

Take Care



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