The Journey

The journey was much more interesting than envisaged with the Motorway carving its way through the high hills of Northern Tuscany giving us our last glimpse for now of that familiar photogenic landscape. The journey started to flatten out as we started to approach Bologna and the fields were covered with apple trees and vines. Presumably some of the vines around Modena are used in the production of the world-famous Balsamic Vinegar that hails from these parts.

Modena 05/04/2016

With time now running out for our time in Italy we made various decisions based on the fact that we will be coming back and therefore we should ‘cherry pick’ the last few places to go. So Bologna, close but no cigar, Parma, close, you nearly took home the bacon, Modena, it was always going to be Modena. After the museum stuffiness of Florence we wanted something gritty, mechanical, attractive and dangerous. We got the Ferrari Museum.

There is not a lot to say apart from it is built on the site of Enzo’s home and the first Ferrari factory and contains some of the most gorgeous things ever built. We had a brilliant time getting gooey of these proper works of art and unlike the stuff in The Uffizi these things actually serve a purpose. We loved it. Lie back and fall in love with these beautiful creations.

Better out than In Mrs


F1 Engine



Moded 250

My Favourite


The Miami Vice one

Film Show

Dino GT

Gearbox Gate

La Ferrari

Back of La Ferrari

Le Mans

Front of


Figure 2 Inside the first Ferrari




The First Ferrari

The Museum

Love to All

Take Care



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