Siena 31/03/2016

After the mishap of yesterday it was good to get a full day’s wandering around a delightful city to get us back on track. We only had two ticks in the box to do as far as our visit to Sienna was concerned and they were, visit the Cathedral, neck a Spritz in the Piazza del Campo and a wander around this Gothic wander of Central Tuscany. Make that three ticks.

From our car-park we had a choice of a handful of buses into the centre of town and after laying out €2.40 and spending 15 minutes on a spanking new bus we were deposited in the city centre. After a further 10 minutes of strolling passed endless designer shops we engineered our first glimpse of the Piazza del Campo. The hype is true, this has to be one of the most magnificent spaces in Europe. The sloping square divided into nine sections is decorated on all sides by some of the finest buildings you will ever see. It is exquisite.

Piazzo del Campo

However, as we wanted to take advantage of the newly opened Siena Cathedral Roof Tour we had a quick spin around and decided to come back later for our Spritz.

The magnificent Duomo façade of white, green and pink marble is your first view of this 13th Century architectural masterpiece which dominates the Western side of the city. As said earlier we wanted to climb up and view the building from the galleries built into the ceiling. The price is a bit steep at €20 a pop but it is a unique way to see a jaw-dropping building.


The Beauty of Siena

St Victor

Behind the Facade


The Altar

Tiled floors

Model Steps

Looking towards the Altar

Up on the roof

After the roof tour when then climbed up the Panorama del Facciatone for a great view of the city. This building was supposed to be the façade of the new Cathedral which never got finished and this is all there is.

Campo from Above

Dome and Bell Tower

Us with Tower

We finished off our time at the Cathedral with visits to the Museum, the Crypt and the Battistero. All worth a visit but the newly refurbished crypt is the highlight with paintings dating back to the 1200’s covering the walls. We would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting Siena to take the roof tour. As far as we know it is a one off any well worth the dosh. So after all that culture it was now time to blow even more money by sitting in a table in the square, in the sun and having a well-earned drink. We are fully aware there are many more artistic sites to see in Siena and if we were on a City Break or a two week holiday to Tuscany we might have gone off to see them. However, we have been in Italy for nearly four months and we have seen most of what it can offer and with Florence to come we agreed to back down on Reformation Wonderments.

Palazzo Comunale

From our table

From the Fountain to the Palace.

Suitably refreshed we headed back along the elegant shops and into the guide book recommended Morbidi restaurant for lunch. This is a sort of Gastro Tapas bar where you choose from a multitude of dishes to pile on to your plate and then each dish is weighed and priced by weight. We have no idea what we ate but it was delicious and we went back for seconds.


Now we were on a roll, we bounded down the street a couple of blocks and joined the throng of people packing the Grom building. Grom for the un-initiated is the current King of Gelati and we added to their crown by putting away a couple. Finally we rolled-in, literally, to the cake shop opposite and stocked-up on Panaforte. Grotesque, we waddled back to the bus and home. I will leave you with a couple of building shots of this fine city. One of our favourites.

Campo Again

Top of The Tower


Love to All

Take Care



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