Sicily Stopovers

This blog entry is mainly for people with a Motorhome who are thinking of going to Sicily or for others who want to know what it is like.

Here is our complete list of stopovers for Sicily including the unique Eamless rating based on: Location, Noise, Slopeiness, Price, Wifi & Facilities

Wifi is judged using an Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M2 Bridge and AirRouter. However we mainly used our MiFi.

We use the following categories: Campsite (C), Aire (A) if this includes Motorhome Service Point, Car Park (P), Wild (W), Hotel (H) If the P sysmbol is blue it means we were able to get water at the parking spot or within 200m

All prices in Euros.

With Bike Rack we are a shade over 8m in length and weigh 4.5 tonnes.

Sicily is good with a motorhome to visit. You can basically park anywhere and as long as you do not take out chairs, awnings, etc you will not be bothered. A motorhome is treated the same as a car as far as parking is concerned, i.e. if it is OK for a car to park then the same goes for a motorhome. We visited Sicily between January and March 2016. 4G in most places, there are special reduced rates for tourists from TIM (best coverage), Vodaphone (nearly as good) and WIND (good in the south). Diesel is about €1.15 per litre, LPG about 60 cents. Water is available everywhere, we drank it straight from the tap and never had a problem

Sicily is safe and much quieter than mainland Italy. The people are friendlier and everything moves at a slower pace. It is the only place we have found on the Mediterranean to be free of packs of wild dogs that keep you awake all night. It also does not suffer the rubbisg problem of South West Italy and large swathes of Greece. A thoroughly splendid place to visit.

Here is a link to an interactive google map with pictures and descriptions of the stopovers not just in Sicily but also the rest of Europe. Click the Map for more details.

But for the people who don’t want to click here is a static image.


No Place Type Price Rating Co-Ords Date Comment
1 Acireale C €17 A ①②
  • N 37.62008,
  • E 15.17346
Campsite La Timpa is situated in a wonderful location with terraced pitches on a cliff face below the town of Acireale. It has all amenities you could want but they are all very tired. Showers and toilet unpleasant. Because of location facing East half way up a cliff you are always in shade. Infrequent bus to Acireale. Pleasant small port 10 minute walk away. Ideal for visiting the Carnival of Acireale which is world-class. Apart from that not a lot going for it at €17
  2 Agriento P Gratis ①②③

N 37.28626, E 13.54969

  Car park at the end of coast road by small beach and bar. Great views and handy for the Valley of the Temples. Don’t be put off by the endless stream of men who drive up and turn around. I’m sure the sun glasses are not for disguise.
  3 Cefalu P €13 ②③

N 38.03584, E 14.01725

  For location you cannot beat it. It is on the prom in the town centre of this fabulous seaside town. There is water but no disposal. Laundrette and supermarket round the corner. You can negotiate on price but not a lot. Great place, rubbish price
4 Cesaro P Gratis ①②③
  • N 37.84174,
  • E 14.71078
In small car park just off main road opposite hotel. Great views of Etna. The site is flat and has water although tap is a bit of a dribble. Hotel sells Alcohol and cakes. No sign of hot food in winter. Do not venture up in to the town unless you have a small motorhome. There is nothing to see anyway.
5 Cicirata W Gratis ①②③
  • N 36.88515,
  • E 15.13953
Great spot on a small cliff overlooking a pebbly beach. There is nothing here but in the town of Avola 5Km away there is everything. This is a small piece of flat ground in a quiet beautiful place with stunning views. Smashing for a couple of nights. BBQ no problem.
6 Enna P Gratis ①②

N 37.5666, E 14.28769

Perched a 1000m up on the hill-top town of Enna, the highest regional capital in Sicily. Under the castle walls with great views towards Mt Etna. Drive up is a bit of a slog but no real problems. There is a supermarket within 200m and limited restaurants within walking distance. No Facilities. You are here for the views.
  7 Erice P Gratis ①②③
  • N 38.03582,
  • E 12.58371
  We ended up at this particular spot because our sat nav had a breakdown. There are two over parking places on the North side of town. They do require a walk up some steep steps. If you are out of season park here. There is water available from fountains but they are not close by. The views are some of the best in Europe, the town ain’t bad either
8 Giardini Naxos A €13 ①②③④⑤
  • N 37.82185,
  • E 15.2666
Superb Parking spot with rates as low €8 per night for a long stay over winter. All facilities are spotless and the ‘premier bays’ are self-sufficient. 200m from beach and slightly longer to bus-stop for visiting Taormina. Supermarket 10 mins on a push bike. Free WiFi. Excellent place to over-winter as many do here.
9 Marina di Modica P Gratis ①②③④

N 36.71111, E 14.77089

On Seafront in paved car-park. Water available and drains for grey. Plenty of restaurants and small supermarket available. Some parts can be quite slopey. You have to leave on a Saturday night and all day Sunday for market. This is alternative parking for this period on the first road on the left.
10 Marina di Ragusa P Gratis ①②③
  • N 36.78018,
  • E 14.5703
On a piece of Wasteland as you approach from the East. It is flat and there are restaurants close by if needed. No facilities and can be a bit noisy from early on with Lorry drivers and Fisherman. It is right on the beach and close to town for stocking-up
  11 Mazara Del Vallo P Gratis ①② N 37.65091, E 12.58705   Fabulous spot in fabulous town. Unfortunately the bin men use it as a staging post and can be very noisy. The access to water has now also been removed unless you go to the end of the pier where the fishermen are and then it is a bit of a hike to carry it back.
12 Modica P Gratis ①②③

N 36.85379, E 14.75589

This get 3 stars purely on location. It is where you want to be to visit this special town. It is flat and quiet. You are ready to explore the place from your doorstep and eat as much chocolate as you want. No Facilities.
13 Piazza Armerina P Gratis ①②

N 37.38701, E 14.36849

On waste ground next to car-park that doubles as a market so do not park there even if it looks more inviting. Fantastic views over old town. The ground is filthy and be careful not to bring it into the van. The local pizza is disgusting. Handy for mosaics. Shops close by
14 Piazza Armerina New A ? ?
  • N 37.38722, E 14.36736
New purpose built Aire. Bays have electric and there is water replacement. Due to open 1 May 2016. Entrance by Credit card. Looks great. Handy for visiting nearby Mosaics
15 Portopalo P Gratis ①②③

N 36.69531, E 15.12673

Situated at the end of the tarmac overlooking the end of Sicily. Inspiring views all along the coast and down to the flamingos in the lagoon below. Quite isolated so OK to get the toys out and have a BBQ. No facilities.
16 Ragusa – Ibla P Gratis ①②③④

N 36.92544, E 14.73636

Purpose built car-park by steps up to Ragusa Ibla. Some spots have a bit of a slope and the locals try and park their cars here. There is water at the top of the steps. High score for location in wonderful town to wander around
  17 Rometta Marea P Gratis ①②③④
  • N 38.23029,
  • E 15.40418

  In a small square about 100m from sandy beach and similar distance from town centre. Quiet. There is water available and a drain to drop the grey. On the other side of the square is a machine that dispenses mineral water, both still and frizzante for 3cents per litre.
18 Sampieri W Gratis ①②③④⑤

N 36.72127, E 14.74001

Sadly only available from October till April. Go past the brown restaurant to the ned of the road to entrance of Nature Reserve. Right on beach, water available from fountain on prom; just drive to it. Shops and bar open all year. Get here and stay here.
  19 San Giorgio P Gratis ①②

N 38.17569, E 14.94553

  On the beach close to the centre of the village. The views to the islands are breath-taking. With a good pair of binos you can see the smoke rising from Stromboli. Plenty of restaurants and bars within a short distance. Quiet
  • San Nicola l’Arena
P Gratis ①②

N 38.01708, E 13.61382

  We used this for visiting Palermo. Trains hourly from station 5 minute walk away, cost €3. There is water in the main street about 200m away from public tap. The bar behind the car park is busy and can be noisy to about 11. But is handy for Pizza, ice cream, bottles of wine.
21 Santa Maria (Acireale) P Gratis ①②

N 37.61287, E 15.17379

At the end of the road opposite the flour mill and on the sea front. Wonderful views to be had. Water is available on harbour on other side of small bay. Can get noisy as it is a favourite spot for lovers. There is a bus or mass of steps into town
22 Santa Teresa di Riva P Gratis ①②③

N 37.93289, E 15.35756

On the promenade of the popular seaside resort. Great views over ‘Godfather’ country. Town has everything you want. There is a cycle path that stretches for miles along the front. Beach is black sand. There is an Aire over the road where you could replenish for a small fee.
 23  Sccicia  P  Gratis  ①②③  N 37.50473,
E 13.07579
 At the Harbour, large car parking area used by lots of Homies. Steps up to the old town tough if you are not fit. Pleasant enough town and has one of Italy’s best Mardi Gras carnivals but it aint no Acireale. Flat and quiet.
24 Syracuse P Gratis ①②③④⑤
  • N 37.06979,
  • E 15.29204
For visiting a major tourist town then places to park do not get much better than this. You are smack bang in the middle of town, there is water and grey disposal by the bins at the Southern end of the Car Park. The Red Moon Yurt is one of the best fish restaurant in Sicily. You have views over the island. It is quiet. It is flat. It is free. Wonderful.
  25 Trapani P Gratis ①②

N 38.015, E 12.49538

  Car park at end of Port. Can be noisy from all sorts of activities from Football to fish stalls to boy racers having a go. Handy for town and ferries. Good market in the morning. It’s just the noise that marks it down/
  26 Villa Margi P Gratis ①②
  • N 38.01697,
  • E 14.33633

  A bit of an isolated spot. There might be some Pizza places open in the summer but it is desolate. You can water and empty out from Aire down the road for €3. He wanted 10 to start. Fine piece of modern art along the coast road.
  27 Zingaro P Gratis ①②③④⑤ N 38.08202, E 12.80851
  At entrance to spectacular nature reserve. Wonderful 7Km walk along coast. Stunning views. Quiet. Flat. Perfect. Water available.


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