3 responses to “Sempiere

  1. What I cannot understand is how you can make doing nothing sound so appealing and the Duolingo comments were great (and the app is too)
    I have news too finally I have taken the plunge and leave on the 30/04 to take early retirement and join the great unwashed 🙂 ….well not quite as this year I have more sailing that you can shake a stick at starting with the Dieppe Dash on the May B/H weekend followed by a golf tour in Barcelona then straight back to catch a train to Falmouth the next day an sail across Biscay down to Spain / Portugal and into the Med with me mate Dave who is starting his round the world trip, not forgetting I have to be back for the 1st July for two weeks in France starting on the coast in the California. Then back to fly off to Copenhagen to sail with someone else I know to Stockholm and round the islands there (another 3 weeks) and then it will be October and time for a rest!! 🙂 …..keep up the blogs they are great and will try to sort one out for my travels soon cheers


  2. well done Churchy. You must be the last one left apart from Gill who is always leaving next year :-). Looking at your itinerary it doesn’t look like our paths will cross. We probably will be leaving Italy in about mid-April giving us 6 weeks to get across Eastern Europe to Norway. We will have a about a month in Scandinavia before getting back to Blighty mid July. We hope to leave mid August to head to Crete for September and October. let me know if you want anything


  3. Cheers EC just keep up the blogs I will need them when I get out and about further afield but it wont be for a couple of years as Marina has to complete her PhD …. and I have to do some sailing 🙂 .


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