Erice 28/01 -29/01/2016

One of the few chores I have to do in life is to empty the toilet cassette. This is a chore I relish and carry it out without complaint and comment, in fact I take pride in making sure it is sparkling after disposal. Obviously Tracy is aware of this and this week she decided to add her own twist on the cassette emptying activity. More and more Tracy is trying to look after me by banning all the things that are bad e.g. Sausages, ham, salted peanuts, chocolate and most importantly sweets that I tend to munch with gleeful abandonment as I drive along. So imagine my surprise when our last shopping trip yielded four packets of sweets. Not any old sweets but reduced-sugar coffee flavoured ones. Unusually for Tracy she couldn’t wait to feed me these recently acquired bon-bons and I like the oaf I am accepted Tracy’s new found candy-based generosity without question. In hindsight this was foolish of me as every time Tracy passed me a ‘Sula latte Macchiato’ she did so with a Mona Lisa smile. And now we know why, the sweets that I was being fed were laxatives, a fact Tracy knew all along. So there has been much merriment from the female half of the marriage this week and a lot of wind from the male.

Trees in Mist

Erice is one of Italy’s most spectacular hill towns combining medieval charm with astounding 360-degree views. It sits atop the legendary Mt Eryx (750m); on a clear day you can see Cape Bon in Tunisia. The place is a maze of cobbled streets linking together numerous churches, piazzas and forts. Founded by the mysterious Elymians, of Segesta fame, who chose the place as the home of Venus, goddess of love and the town followed the peculiar ritual of sacred prostitution, with the girls themselves accommodated in the Temple of Venus. Despite countless invasions, the temple remained intact – I wonder why.

Main Piazza


Typical Street

Being Looked Upon

Main Street

For most of the year Erice sits above the clouds in perfect sunshine which is great for the residents but not for the tourists who have to make their way up a torturous alpine road through the clouds dodging small Italian cars that appear out the clag with no lights on and on the wrong side of the road. There is a cable-car up for the faint-hearted, but where would be the fun in that? Our trusty Sat Nav is obviously a bit of a bottle-merchant as it tried its upmost to take us up the cable-car, thinking the lines representing the gondola route on the map were a dual carriageway, bless its little Dutch socks. Obviously still sulking when we reached the top it thought it would get its own back by taking us a flight of steps. At the crucial moment we were saved by a jolly, some would say a simple man who told us just to park up where we were and everything would be OK. He even claimed he would clear it with the Police and we would be able to sleep there. Excellent, I rewarded the fine man with a €2 tip and for that he guarded our Homie while we went for a stroll around. We were lucky enough to have clearish skies towards the North and got a piccie off but the view over the Salt flats and beyond to Africa were not conducive for quality photos as seen on this blog. You will have to take our word for it, the views were stunning.

Looking North

After steak and chips cooked by the hilarious prankster we settled down to a peaceful evening and hoped for a clear view to the South in the morning. It didn’t happen but the early morning light and mist did make for some interesting scenes and here they are.

above with added cloud

Sunrise over Erice

Mr Moon

Looking South

The Castle with the Temple of Venus underneath


Trees in colour

About to be consumed



The rooftops of Erice

Man on pedestal

So there you have it, Erice. Worth going to? Absolutely although in the summer it might be a bit of a nightmare so probably worth taking the cable-car. But if you have a Homie it is a must to stay over and watch the sun rise. Truly special. I would love to ramble-on but these days I am either on the toilet or emptying it. Thanks wife.

Love to all

Take care

E & T


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