Fun House

Galaxidi 08/12/2015

We are here in the beautiful port of Galaxidi for the night and a splendid place it is too. This was first recommended to us by Thomas who we met in Karthonas and he was right, it is stunning. We have set out on the beautiful Quai in the dying evening sun and partook in a swift beer and souvlaki. Beautiful wife, beautiful kebab, mediocre lager, wonderful scenery and sun. Life could not be better. Except for the fact I am poorly due to the excesses my body has been through in Nafpaktos. However, before we get there we will show you some pictures of Galaxadi.

Galaxidi New Harbour

 Van Parked up on the Quai

galaxidi (3 of 3)

 Looking towards open sea, Galaxidi

Nafpaktos 04/12 – 08/12/2015

Our plan now was to leave Diakopton, head along the motorway that is now a contraflow to Patras, get the laundry washed and then head over the Rio-Andirio Bridge and park up for a night in the town of Nafpaktos then head East and North towards Delphi and Meteora before flying home for Christmas.

The first part of the plan went as imagined with impatient motorists trying to overtake us inside a coned-off lane, but hey-ho we are used to it now and just ambled along at a sedate 60kph. We were heading for the easiest to get-to launderette as offered by Google and again the plan seemed to working perfectly as our trusted sat-nav delivered us to washing nirvana. Unfortunately the allocated premises was now just a shell and we were on the wrong side of Patras to where we now wanted to be. For the record Patras is the third largest city in Greece and for us driving the Homie means; a huge increase in the number of texting, coffee drinking, smoking, stopping and double parking at random motorists to contend with. Add the extra dimension of the permanently lost Sat-Nav and we were in big trouble. Ignoring everything and just heading for the widest road we managed to escape the jaws of downtown Patras and then, Holy Moly we spotted a laundrette. €6 and five minutes later we were double parked, sat down and watching our dirty things spiral around.

Homie Help: If you, Dave and Penny, ever manage to get your Homie off the drive and get to Greece you can use this link to find launderettes in Greece Easy Wash Stores

All clean and folded we put the washing away and headed out of town and towards Central Greece and the Rio-Andirio Bridge. At 2990m this is the longest cable-stay suspended deck bridge in the world. Due to the geological features it has to overcome the bridge is seen as an engineering marvel and furthermore, do not listen to any overweight Americans who try to tell you otherwise while you are having a quiet beer.

And here is a picture of it. We have made a video of the drive across and we will add a view from the ferry in future and bundle it all up as part of our Christmas Special.

 Rio-Andirio Bridge from Nafpaktos

Ten minutes driving after leaving the bridge brings you to the town of Nafpaktos. This bustling town spreads out from a handsome circular-walled harbour, dotted with plane trees and trendy cafes, and most importantly for Tracy, a kebab shop. We parked up on the edge of town at Psani Beach and opposite one of the trendy cafes, named Wave. Here we are from both angles:

 we planned to be here a night, we stayed Four

Figure 6 Water and views. What every Homie wants

After the drama of the day; driving and washing, we decided to have an early dinner and a quiet evening before turning in. This all went to pot when we popped in the café opposite to have a night-cap and post an email. The owners, their family, their children, and their friends took us in and made us part of their family. We drank together, we danced together, we saw the sights of Nafpaktos together, we went to name-day parties together, for the next four days we did everything together. This town had not seen such merriment since the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. We have never been treated to such kindness and hospitality since we started Homing. Obviously we are now firm friends and we cannot say thank-you enough or explain how much we enjoyed ourselves in their company. And here are some pictures that sum-up our time with Tzena, Angie, Rodula, Nicolas and everyone else whose names I have forgot. Thank you.

Nice Move Ladies

 Feel the music


More Wine

The dancing Queens


 Lulu’s party


Tzeni Angie & Tracy with Wine

Figure 14 This ain’t no Disco

Homie Help: When one leaves home in the UK and heads for foreign shores one should arm themselves with an RSPB approved bird-spotting book in general and one that contains bird song in particular. One should then pay acute attention to the ‘call’ of the Scops Owl. Because if you do it will stop one getting up in the middle of the night thinking the alarm has gone off on the fridge. Obviously only an idiot would do such a thing. I have done it twice and I have the book.

So now back to the serious business of sight-seeing before we re-visit Nafpatkos on the 19th.

Love to all

Take Care



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