Elafonisos 28/12/2015

The Island paradise of Elafonisos has been our home for the last four days and a splendid time we have had relaxing on the best beach on the Mediterranean, allegedly. We will show you some pictures later to help you judge but until then you will have to put up with the ramblings.

Ghytio 22/10 – 25/10/2015

The main reason for visiting Gythio was to get our washing done, a task hampered for the first couple of days with nothing but incessant rain. The campsite was fine, the washing machines by Miele, showers were hot and we had prime position on the beach. The first night we went over the road to the tavern and as always here in Greece, had nothing special. But as ever, it was cheap. On the Friday we never left the Van as it rained non-stop. The on-the-ball-ones amongst you would have realised this is when I wrote the last couple of blogs.

On the Saturday we cycled into Gythio for a bit of a nosey and to get some food for the next few days. Gythio is a town that has seen better days with most of the shops closed down, well the decent ones, you can still get a plush pair of elasticated-waisted trousers but not much else. The prom is wall-to-wall Tavernas serving the usual grub and so we went for a sit-down and watched the world go by.

There is a little island off the coast of Gythio called Cranae. It consists of a car park where you could overnight, a Museum that is closed and a lighthouse you are not allowed near. Not much going for it I hear you avid readers shout. Well faithful ones, this is the island where Paris wooed Helen, an event that led to the Trojan Wars. A war that launched a Thousand ships, involved a Wooden Horse and gave those imaginative French a name for their capital city. All from a place where you can hardly swing a cat, no wonder those ancient star-crossed lovers got caught.

Some pictures:



Where Paris wooed Helen

Where Paris wooed Helen

Drive to Elafonisos 25/10/2015

The drive down this finger is not in the same league as the Mani digit. Pleasant but not a stunner. But it did give us a stand-out moment of the trip. We have a bird-spotting book and in some OCD-Freakery way we like to tick off birds we spy. Usually these fall into two categories; little brown jobs or sea-penguins. So imagine our surprise when we saw another sea-penguin, a weird looking one we agreed but definitely a fish-supper-thieving-sea-rat. But then it started to hover, with its little legs hanging down, and then it dived. Holy Moly it was only a bloody Osprey, and here it is;

Osprey. Note dangley Legs

And think, men in jackets-with-many-pockets spend weeks in dull misty Scotland looking for these and we saw one in our shorts.

The only other thing of note on the drive down was a beach with a shipwreck on it. And here is a picture of that. You can park up here in your Homie if you want.

Shipwreck Beach

We were told that no ferries ran on a Sunday which you might think would scupper our plans. So we decided to head down anyway and park up for the night if the information given turned out to be true. Well it was not. We turned up just as a ferry was arriving.

Only 6.5 Guv’nor

Elafonisos Town

Many years ago I was on a plane that broke down in Islamabad. So while they tried to fix it we were allowed in the terminal to wait. As most people know Pakistan is a dry country but we managed to bring a bottle of Scotch with us from the plane. I went to the bar and purchased 2 cokes and gave the chap one English Pound, he gave me in change, 1 US Dollar, 2 Swiss Francs and a Deutsche Mark. Result. What I took from this was he had no idea about foreign currency and so we devised a game where we could see how little we could buy drinks for. The end result was 2p  for a brace of cokes. So why I am telling you this? Our motorhome is 8.5 metres long with bike rack and I am now after an absence of 40 years playing the Islamabad Coke game, only this time with the length of the motorhome. My theory is in Europe nobody cares about the length of your vehicle as long as you pay something. In Croatia we were a trimmed 6.99m, on this ferry when asked how long? I replied swiftly with a confident smile, 6.5 metres, and got away with it. My goal is to be a mere 5m and if my calculations are correct that it is only a smidgeon longer than a hedgehog.

Simos Camping Elafonisos 25/10 – 28/10/2015

There is only us and another Swiss couple here. We are 100m from the best beach in the Med and the weather is in the mid-twenties and the sea is like a bath. For the more mature members of our audience we are at the beach where Princess Dido and her lover, Dildo Fayed were photographed on the yacht the day before they met their tragic deaths in Paris. I will let the pictures say it all.

Girl on Beach. And no one else

A Beauty

Yes, the only person on the beach is Tracy.

Last year we had a Cadac BBQ which I hated. I found it a nightmare to clean and it never really got hot enough and so this year we got a Weber Q. This machine is far superior in every way but it still requires some cleaning. Until now. For all you Homies with a BBQ watch the instructional video below on how to clean your Barbie with no effort.

How to Clean Your BBQ

Love to All

Take care

E & T


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