A Hit is a Hit

Camp Viter 02/10/2015

Well the Hvar experiment is over. We have spent a week aboard the so-called pearl of the Adriatic, the most verdant of the 1244 islands that embrace this coast. Our first decision to make is; how large is the trowel and how thick is the plaster of gorgeousness that we heap upon this place? It is a stunner, from top to bottom from East to West, it is up there with any Island you wish to claim. It hammers most Islands in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It has perfect laboratory-clean towns, Sherwood-green Mountains and Sapphire-blue seas. Perfect. My only problem was the annoying habit I developed due Hvar rhyming with Bizarre, thus forcing me to spend the next week singing ‘How Hvar, How Bizarre’. Bad I know and I wish I wouldn’t do these things, but I do.

Before we go into detail I forgot to mention in the last entry about the journey over on the ferry. Mainly because not a lot happened on the two hour crossing between Split and Hvar. The passengers consisted the usual mix of commuters, star-crossed lovers and the odd tourist. We did pass a substantial regatta just outside of Split and bisected the islands of Supetar and Rogac. We were serenaded for most of the journey by a group of local track-suited, pivo-fuelled fashionistas from about 40 minutes out, which was nice, if you like slobbering middle-aged men singing out-of-key ballards. Reminds of those Motorhome funsters. Here are some pictures: without the men.

Regatta outside Split

Boat Selfie

Stari Grad from ferry

Camp Vira Hvar 26/09 – 29/09/2015

We drove the 15Km to our first camp on Hvar, Camp Vira. This campsite seems to be the perennial winner of the ‘Best Campsite in Croatia’ award. Yes it is lovely providing you have a shower when the sun is beating down on the solar panels. The first day we had a swift pivo in the bar and then settled in for a Barbie and a view of the sunset. Here are some pictures of the campsite:

Dinner is served

View from our pitch

The bar and restaurant

Next day we got up surprisingly early for us and took advantage of the camp shuttle bus into Hvar town. The town is a stunner. We started off with a cheeky coffee and pain-au-chocolate before exploring the place on foot.

Cheeky coffee

When I say explore I mean a walk along the prom one way, around the shops, along the prom the other side of the bay; Repeat. It is not the biggest of venues but it is one beautiful place. Our hats of pleasure were full to the brim with satisfaction. It reminds one of the town portrayed in The Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland, without the swashbucklers. We had a wonderful lunch in a terraced restaurant overlooking the bay. Perfect.

Here are some Hvar town pics:

Main street Hvar

let me tell you

Choosing Willow’s card

Killroy is here

Get out of my photos

&0’s folk band album cover

Hvar Selfie

After another day of chilling we headed East along the coast to the town of Jelsa. On the way we popped into the second town of Hvar and ferry port of Stari Grad, or in the Queens, Old Town. We only spent an hour here but we liked it very much. It does not have the swish of Hvar but it does give off a better vibe. Again the town looks like it has been scrubbed.

Stari Grad

Scrubbed Stari Grad

Stari Grad harbour

Little Square with cat

Camp Mina Jelsa 29/09 -30/09/2015

We only spent one night at this place as the site was closing the next day. We did manage to bag a good spot on the front-line with views across the bay to the mainland. The only downside is the camp is North facing and so can get a little parky in the evenings. We wondered into town and munched our way through a couple of darn fine Pizzas. The next morning we rose at a leisurely pace and drove near enough the full length of the island toward Sucuraj. But first a couple of pics;

View from the van, Jelsa

Jelsa harbour

Sunset Jelsa

This was one of the scariest drives we have done to date. The road has permanent drop offs for its entire length with no barriers. It is not wide enough for two vehicles and the locals drive like loons. Yes the views are great and you pass through fairy-tail village after fairy-tail village. But it is not that enjoyable. Tracy gave birth to three or four litters on the way and it is a pleasure to report Mother and kittens are now doing fine. We did manage to witness the Hvar equivalent of Postman Pat had managed to put his van into a ditch which you can see in our video below.

The video is here: How Hvar How Bizarre

Camp Mlaska 30/09 – 02/10/2015

Our final stop on the Island and oh what a beauty. This was like wild camping but with all the facilities of a campsite. We parked up at the end of a sandy beach two feet from a serene bay. The only slight drawback was a few of our German friends liked to display the old ‘meat and two veg’ a bit too much for our conservative tastes. But we chilled, we barbied, we canoed, we swam, we had a bloody good time. We got the Smith and Wesson out and I am proud to report I beat Tracy 5-2 in our first beer can shootout. This place off season is the best place we have ever pitched up and all for £10 a night.

However, on speaking to the owners they informed us in August the place is mayhem with the campsite full of Germans and boatloads of Poles arriving by steamers for drunken lunches. Think of this place then as some sort of Sausage-munching, polka-dancing, beer-swigging Doughnut surrounding the Garden of Eden, complete with a naked Adam and Eve.

But here are some Pics without any nudity or dancing.

Not bad for a tenner

Off with the motor

We left on the Friday to catch the short ferry crossing this time back to the mainland. This is a turn-up-and-go affair with no booking and a ferry leaving every 90 minutes. We arrived at 9:30 and managed to get on to the 13:00. A bit of a miserable end to a fantastic week on this island paradise. I will leave you with a couple of pics of the journey back.

Love to all

Take care



Part of the ferry queue

Sucuraj Lighthouse

Arriving on the mainland with the Knaus Solar panes on view

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