The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Seget 24/09/2015

Our normal nosh

By now you will be thinking, my word there are no blog postings for a couple of months and then the heavens open and fifty appear at once. You would not be far wrong. I do find it hard to write when the sun is shining, the wine is flowing, the sausages are hissing and I have the sun on my back. So for the last 24 hours the weather has been biblical. We must have had a decade’s rain in a day. As I can’t get out, read ain’t going out, I have sat down and caught up with the blog and this one brings me up to date.

We are on a campsite near the town of Trogir, a truly resplendent place. A town worthy of visit in its own right even though for many it is the place to catch the ferry to Split from. A trip we hope to do tomorrow. Apart from a small diversion inland to the lakes of Plitvice we have been coast hoping along the Dalmatian coast. Is there a superior coastline in the world?

Rovinj 18/09/2015

After leaving Piran and crossing the border soon afterwards we headed down the Pula Peninsula to the walled city of Rovinj. A Croatian highlight the guidebooks would have you believe. For a start Rovinj unlike Piran in Slovenia welcomes the motorhome with a designated parking spot a few hundred metres from the main attractions. You can even replenish for the price of a Snickers. Once off the promenade the inner city is remarkably quiet and we spent a couple of hours looking, commenting and enjoying ourselves. We finished with an Ice cream. Tracy lemon, me Chocolate chip, on the prom. From there we headed to the coastal town of Senj. The journey was through wonderful wooded landscapes on a Toll road. An amusing Toll road as it was billed as a motorway but was only single track and for 99% of it had no overtaking. At least Croatia does not partake in the Vignette nonsense and so I can back on the lardy lardy diet.

Some pictures of Rovinj;

Big boat

Rovinj Old town

Nice place to work

Rovinj Harbour

Senj 18/09 – 19/09/2015

A smashing place to park up, right on the sea front with a couple of restaurants within spitting distance, a castle within humping distance and a couple of supermarkets within legging distance. The first night we had a Barbie and a few too many wines. Justifiably so in my book as the pace had finally caught up and a release was needed and warranted. Hence most of the Saturday was a write-off. We did manage however to get ourselves together to have a meal with Carol and David while watching an inspirational sunset.

Senj Sunset from the dinner table

The next morning we woke and it was a breezy one.

A big one coming

Salty wash

Not much point in staying on the coast and we headed inland to the lakes of Plitvice. As soon as we left the shoreline the heavens opened and the journey was a wet one. A thing to pass comment on is the number of buildings that still show the wounds of the war back in the 90’s. Sometimes the bullet holes have been patched up and in other instances the bombed out shells of houses remain as a shrine to the madness of war.

Plitvice Lakes 19/09/2015

A must see on any visit to Croatia. A series of interlinking lakes locked together by waterfalls all served up in fluorescent turquoise hue. The highlight is the Velka Slap, or big waterfall and the best views can be had on the walk from the land train back to Gate 1. One can do the whole of the park that hits home in an 18Km hike. For us, we were all waterfalled out after three hours and decided to use the remaining light to head back to the warmth of the coast.

Here are some pictures of Plitvice Lakes


Lakes and waterfalls


Looking down

Drage 20/09 – 22/09/2015

Using the knowledge of our mate Vivianne we headed for the village of Drage. We arrived to beautiful sunshine in a truly stunning location. Hands down the best coastal spot we have pitched up to date. That includes our previous canter through Spain and Portugal. We managed to bag prime position in somebody’s garden a spit from the sea. Leccie and water delivered to the van. Free Wifi. Two fab restaurants within 50 Metres. Absolute heaven. We did not a lot. A little cycling, a little swimming. Loving it. Here are some pictures:

From our spot

Swans. i swam in that bit

Our van is in the trees. You can just see it

Alas we have a timetable for Croatia and so after a couple of days we left Drage and headed South to Seget. We had the Kayak out on the open sea for a day and it is pleasing to report no accidents or near misses occurred.

With the days now getting shorter and the weather getting less temperate I hope to get back to a more uniform production of blog posts. Then again.

Take Care

E & T


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