Ubersee 13/06/2015

We have continued our low-speed dash across Europe and are now close to the semi-closed Austro-Germany border by the lake of Chiemsee. We met Carol and David, a couple we last saw leaving a car park in Algercias, Spain back in April. There is not a lot to say about the Journey. We went through some splendid countryside, we crossed the Rhine, we flirted with the Black Forest and we had a night’s stopover on the Bodensee. Here:

The weather on the journey through Germany was superb and although the roads were busy it was a joy to meddle in the high standard of Germanic driving. A joy we appreciated enormously as we knew we were heading for countries with a more flamboyant approach to motoring competence.

Years ago when my limbs were sturdy and lithe I had a winter lusting for the Alps and all things skiing. This was a time when the Swiss team used to ski downhill in a cheese based uniform. Yellow lycra with simulated holes. Not to be outdone the Germans had a ski brand called Chiemsee. Now Chiemsee pooh-poohed the safety of fromage based garmentry and went for spotted Kangaroos. What this had to do with Germany or Skiing still baffles me to this day. Anyway I bought at vast expense a Chiemsee kangaroo spotted Hawaiian shirt. This is German flair at its best. This is a German sense of humour. Anyway, it was always my dream to turn up in Chiemsee wearing my walking billboard of Germanic hilarity. Getting the thumbs up from legions of Wurst-munching locals in on the joke. So on arrival I head to the wardrobe to cover myself in glory. This was a secret I had kept from Tracy. It wasn’t there. I was politely told I didn’t think I would wear it so it was put in storage. A wheeze 15 years in the making was destroyed in one sentence.

The only other thing to note was the re-introduction of border controls between Germany and Austria. This resulted in 25 miles of traffic queues along the motorway.

Here are some pictures of the reason that caused it.

Police and press at the closed German Border

Not too shabby looking for an escapee from a war zone

No Traffic on motorway at closed german border

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