Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Haironville 11/06/2015

We are sat on the side of a river in the champagne growing region of France. We have been to a Carrefour and we are tucking in to quality grub with the sun on our backs. It is good to be back. Such was the excitement that I forgot to take any photos. We had made a dash across France where the never trusting Sat Nav had taken us around the Peripherique in Paris on a Friday afternoon. Outstanding. And a middle finger salute to all you crazed, useless programmers at Tom-Tom. There is no way that taking anyone round Paris’ answer to Soddom and Gormrrah on a Friday afternoon is the either the shortest, fastest, greenest or easiest. Stop smoking the weed you Dutch crazies. There was also excitement as tomorrow promised a visit to a Narbonne for an ice-cube maker, a soap dispenser and a table that could be put up in seconds, levelled at a stroke, compact to store. Thus replacing the last piece of junk we had bought at a Motorhome show.

Homie Help: Do not buy anything with the word Kampa on it. It is a euphemism for the word junk. Save your dosh and spend a little extra. In fact we have found anything Motorhome specific is over-priced and low-quality. Just use John Lewis for outdoor Furniture in the UK or if it all possible go to Europe.

Arrowmanches 10/06/2015

We decided to ease into this year’s tour with a short drive from Caen to Arrowmanches. A doddle of a journey for Ike, Monty and all those brave lads 70 years ago but not for old Tom-Tom who insisted on taking us down every lane in Normandy. If we had used Tom-Tom for Operational Overlord we would still be on the beaches now.

I really wanted to see the beaches, especially Gold beach where the brave Tommies spearheaded the attack. It is still an emotional place to visit to those who value freedom. I also wanted to go while my dad is still alive. Not that he was involved, he was repairing warships in Liverpool, an important task nether the less. But he is my link to people like him, of his age and outlook that saved Europe from Tyranny whatever they did to achieve victory, on the battlefield or in a support role. Both as I understand had the shit bombed out of them most nights.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Gold Beach

Mulberry Harbour Gold Beach

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