Lend 14/09/2015

The weather at Chiemsee took a turn for the worse and so we decided to drive South into Austria and stay just South of our target for the next day; the Grossglockner Pass. This is according to many the number one drive in the Alps and we were going to do it not in a high speed roadster, but a motorhome. Can’t wait.

Before that Tom-Tom had another little faux-pas and sent us through the middle of Salzburg. I must say it looked a wonderful city and will be the subject of a more lengthy exploration at a later date. To drive on Austrian motorways one needs to purchase a Vignette, a small sticker to place in the windscreen. In Austria this lasts for 10 days and costs about a fiver. This is for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 Tonnes. I do not think there is a motorhome in Christendom that weighs less than 3.5 tonnes but as I had been on a diet for three days I thought we must be close and opted for the Vignette instead of the stupidly expensive GO systems needed for heavier vehicles. To get our monies worth we decided to drive the previous day from Bodensee in Germany to Chiemsee in Germany via Austria. A great drive via some of Europe’s finest vistas and only allowable because of my health conscious ways.

The StellPlatz in Lend is highly recommended. Apart from Riano in the Picos this is the stopover with the best views. An early night was had before taming the beast known as the Grossglockner, which also happens to be the name of Austria’s highest mountain.

Views from the Lend Stellplatz;

lend stielplatz view

High on a hill ……

Grossglockner Pass 15/09/2015

At 25 notes it ain’t cheap to go up a lot of switchbacks to 2,500 metres and then come straight back down again, albeit on the other side of the mountain. But this is no ordinary road, this is an engineering feat up with the best in the world. It is a solid two-lane road all the way, it allows you to enjoy the drive without fearing a coach may come the other way and bump you over the edge. It is fabulous to do even in a motorhome. Everyone should drive this road once in their life. I cannot say more than that. There is even an off-shoot of the pass to take you to viewpoint to ogle at the mountain of Grossglockner (big bell) and associated glaciers.

Here are some pictures that do not do it justice.

Glossglockner, the start

The top and time for tea

Going down. south side

Tunnel at top

Looking towards the South

Austria’s highest mountain, the big bell and glacier

not that cold then

Except, if you are lucky you may see some Marmots. Marmots are like Guinea Pigs with a severe thyroid problem.

And to back my claims here is one:

marmot . read fat guinea pig


After the Pass we carried on through Austria and into Slovenia via the Rip Van Winkel tunnel purchasing a similar Vignette to the Austrian. We headed for the town of Bled where we a decent meal over a wood burning stove before we met up with Carol and David in a car park for the night.

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