Save Tonight

Andorra la Vella 12/05/2015

As this is a new country it deserves and gets a wonderful piece of poetry from the EamlessTravels stable of goodness.

You will leave Andorra

a lot poorer,

than you arrived.

As our Cilla says,

In Andorra

there are a lorra lorra;


And here we are on google maps.

For those who know these things there are apparently 1 shop for every 40 people in Andorra and probably even more petrol stations. This is a country that takes spending money seriously. Unlike Gibraltar, a so-called tax haven, things in Andorra are generally cheap. For example diesel is a €1 a litre, which at today’s exchange rate is about 70p, perfumes a good 30% off, quality Gin £7.95 a litre, and a GoPro Hero4 Black a measly £280, that’s £70 cheaper than the UK. Marvellous. I have a sneaky feeling the GoPro may be making a debut in forthcoming posts.

The other positive thing about Andorra is its approach to motorhomes. Every village seems to have an Aire for parking and in the capital there are 19 reserved bays for Homies in the central car park. This is like parking at Hyde Park Corner in London, and crossing the road into Oxford Street. The extra bonus is the parking is only 40p an hour.

Andorra also oozes wealth, everywhere is clean, the people are smartly dressed and everything for sale is quality. There are no Chinese Bazars in Andorra.

If you are after historic buildings you will be disappointed, there is no room in this mountain-top country to waste space on things that do not generate wealth. It is a temple to capitalism with a capital C. But if you like your cities to have a dramatic physical backdrop this is up there with the best.

So we shopped, and then we shopped some more and then we left. But as a special treat we have made a video for you of our high-speed dash through Andorra from end-to-end in 8 minutes flat. From the border with Spain to the Border with France and through the centre of the Capital you can see the entire country. You might just recognise the music as well, all 8 minutes of it.

Enjoy it here: Andorra Drive Thru

Next for us, France.

Love to all

Take Care


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