Above The Clouds

Montferrer 11/05/2015

So here we are above the clouds in the Pyrenees. This will be our last post from Spain as tomorrow we head over the border, firstly to Andorra and secondly to France. It is less than four weeks now to we get back to Britain, and then soon after the birth of our first Grandchild together.

I suppose we should reflect on our time in Spain. We have had a fantastic time visiting some special beaches, historic towns, meeting fabulous people, befriending cuddly little dogs and Viv. Thank you Spain. Our only fear is that these days are numbered. The sheer number of people motor homing and some of their undesirable habits by the few will probably force the authorities to ban wild camping.

We hope to come back to see you soon Spain. Thanks a bundle. So this is where we are and a picture of me squeezing the Spanish oranges for the last time.

Freshly squeezed oranges

Cuenca 05/05/2015

The emotional goodbyes were now coming thick and fast. First the dumb mutt Toodles and now Viv. Us to head inland for some culture, Viv to move up the coast from tower-block-ruined town to tower-block-ruined town, fleshpot to fleshpot, chip-shop to chip-shop, I presume. But I could be wrong.

The drive to Cuenca was mostly gratis motorway with the mandatory wiggly bit to finish with. Cuenca is a town built in a gorge and is famous for its ‘hanging houses’. A slight exaggeration as there is only one. Impressive though it was, it does not make a town of ‘houses perilously clinging like tired limpets to rocks high above the gushing river below’ and a must see town of Spain as guide books would have you believe. To be fair they don’t, I just made that bit up. It is a reasonable place to amble around for an hour or two and there are some good views to be had. But, in the old town there are only tat shops and Pizza gaffs. Prices for meals here are high as the only customers are tourists.

They even want to charge you €17.55 to stay in the car park overnight. However, this being Spain we gambolled on the place not be open to collect the money early in the morning. We gambolled correctly as we left at 9AM, noting a little sign saying ‘open hours 10 – 1300’ as we drove out.

Here are our pictures over over-priced, over-promoted, under-whelming Cuenca

Cuenca Gorge

Hanging house of Cuenca

Cuenca selfie

Playa Mayor Cuenca

Cuenca narrow street

Albarracin 06/05/2015

Next on our hastily cobbled together culture tour was Albarracin. Dubbed the most beautiful town is Spain. It did not disappoint. It was a fabulous place remarkably free from the hand of commercialism. It looked and felt like a real town. A real stunner and worth a visit on anybody’s itinerary. We did our customary 2 hour walk around, including time for coffee and a walk up to the Castle, it was shut. There is a place to stay overnight here for free but we decided to carry on to our next ‘Bonito ville Espania’, Teurel. But first the pictures of Albarracin:

The N226 to Albarracin

Brigadier’s House Albarracin


Albarracin from the Torre

Plaza Mayor Albarracin

Window defences Albarracin

Cathedral and city walls Albarracin

Albarracin panorama

Nearly touching roofs Albarracin

Teruel 07/05/2015

This was not on our original plan, Zaragoza was. But we are not a fan of big cities and after Seville and Granada we thought it would only disappoint. We have been to Barcelona and were not impressed so we couldn’t see much hope for Zaragoza. As an aside, I was once on a business trip to Barcelona where I got wrestled to the ground by 3 ladies of the night in Les Rambles trying to steal by wallet. The dope I was with, to maintain anonymity let’s call him Rob Riddiford, just watched and laughed. The situation was only resolved when one of them received a little livener. The moral of the story is; never trust anyone in business, whether they want your business or are in business with you.

The drive across from Albarracin to Teruel was top-drawer, to be fair the drive all the way from Cuenca was top-drawer.

Our first impressions of Teruel were not favourable as our parking spot for the night was in the middle of an estate. However, it had a fully-stocked supermarket across the road, a handy little bar with Wifi and the headquarters of the local plodsters opposite. We were fed, watered and now felt safe as we hunkered down.

The next morning we were up bright and early, mounted the bikes and headed for the city centre. Blow me down, Teruel is a lovely, lovely place. We wandered around, completed a little shopping and had a coffee. There is also a Mausoleum dedicated to some lovers who died back in the old days. You can read about it here; Lovers_of_Teruel

They also have a square with a statue of a teeny-weeny bull. Here are our pictures:

Plaza Torres Teruel

Main Drag Teruel

Morella 14/05 – 15/05/2015

Our final stop on our tour around the villages and towns of North East Spain brought us to Morella. Again the drive was first-rate.


We stopped in a pleasant Aire, got the Barbie out and did our new favourite; chicken wings. One thing we will miss when we get back to England is decent chicken. We also had a rather pleasant view form our van as we bedded down for the night.

Morella from our bedroom window

Next day we drove in to the town for our customary two-hour wander. The town unfortunately was a bit tat-tastique for us. We also baulked at the cost and trek up to the castle. Instead we put the money towards having a fine lunch. And it was just that. A very relaxing afternoon spent eating good food and slurping the odd wine. Too much to drive, so we spent another night here. Our Lunch;

Amuse Bouche DuaLan Morella

Mains DuaLan Morella

Asco 09/05/2015

We stayed in a car-park by the River Ebro. We had a Barbie in the car-park. Asco has a nuclear power station. The kids played football in the street. And nothing else going for it. It was extremely hot. We left early next morning.


And so we are here. Our last port-of-call. We hope you have liked our musings about Spain. We have had a great time. Next stop France. I am looking forward to France, a country I have only driven through and never stopped. Could never see the point to be honest. Expensive, boring food, rubbish ski resorts. But I want my mind changed.

Love to all

Take care


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