Moving on Up

Cabo de Palos 05/05 205

It is difficult sometimes to write the blog when the sun is shining, the beach is Ten Metres  away and one is having a good time. It was easy to write in Morocco as there is not a lot to do in the evenings. But in Spain, with the temperatures rising and the beach bars seductively beckoning, it has been a struggle. We are writing this as we plan to move to inland and away from what has been a great time in some under-developed stretches of the Spanish coastline. Stretches of coastline you currently cannot enjoy thoroughly without a motorhome. Whether this will last I am not sure.

Cabo de Palos is here:

Aqua Amarga 26/04/2015

We finally managed to pull ourselves away from this beautiful coastal hamlet and head for our next wild camp. The journey along the seaboard was spectacular in places with rises up over rugged cliffs before diving down to sandy beaches. We also went through the town of Vera. According to our new confidant Viv, Vera is the European capital of naturism. Unlike the rest of Spain such is the demand from nudie types that the house prices here are rising. So if you have a few spare quid in your back pocket and like to run around without wearing trousers with a back pocket, or any trousers at all then Vera is the place. Here are some pictures of the journey northwards to Aquilas, and none of naked people.

Aqua Amarga Beach camping spot

Aqua Amarga Beach

Carboneras Road

Aquilas 26/04 – 29/04/2015

We are having a little break in tradition here by not telling you where we parked. It was complete virgin coastline without a single building. Wonderful. And a cherry on the cake was: a beach bar on the next bay to enjoy a couple of sundowners. The weather was great, wall-to-wall sunshine and little wind allowing the Kayak to make a more stable return to the water.

So for four days we got up, had fruit for breakfast, sat on the beach, played in the kayak, went for sundowners, had a Barbie.

If this is retirement then give me years of it. Beats the back-stabbing rubbish of the corporate world hands down.

While in Aqua we came across or should I say we were come across by an overtly chatty chap from Bristol by the name of Vivian who was giving a wonderful multi-dimension impression of that other great Bristolian, comedian Justin Lee Collins, right down to the jokes that do not quite work and associated long hair.

So one day we had just finished an impressive whack around the bay in the Kayak when a man giving a fine multi-dimension impression of Robinson Crusoe addressed us in a thick West-Country accent, it was Vivian. We went for a sundowner.

Here are some pictures of Aquilas:

Aquilas Beach

Aquilas Kayak Beach

Aquilas beach Bar Beach

Aquilas Beaches

Aquilas Sundowners

Aquilas beach from kayak

Aquilas Sand Castle

And a short video of me in the kayak shooting the waves: Kayak Video

La Azohia 29/04 – 04/05/2015

Moving on up is now the nature of our trip as we head steadily homewards and La Azohia was to be our last stop on the coast. La Azohia is at the end of the road with a westwards facing beach, unusual for the East coast of Spain. The sunsets it delivered on a nightly basis were spectacular and with our van parked in a dry riverbed facing out to sea we were able to sit and take in nature’s lightshow every evening. We were also opposite a café with WiFi and before the town of Azohia had woken on our first morning a complete series of Midsomer had been downloaded.

La Azohia Sunset

We were getting to like our tranquil spot when the peace was broken by the chugging of a familiar sounding vehicle. And out popped someone doing a multi-dimensional impression of Peter Stringfellow, granted the accent was more Wurzel Gummige than the Yorkshire steel of either Sean Bean or Stringfellow himself, but leaving that aside it was spot-on. It was Vivian.

But we will not remember La Azohia for chumming with Viv and sharing our food over evening BBQ’s and fires on the beach. No we will remember this delightful place for the friendship we struck up with our new found pet; Toodles the dog. Why toodles? This dog looked like a cross between an Alsatian and a Dachshund. Do not imagine how that might have happened, just take my word for it. So Tracy wanted to call it Tyson and I chose Strudel, so we compromised on Toodles. Toodles followed us everywhere, to the bar, to the restaurant for lunch, to the sewer to empty our waste. He was there every morning when we awoke. We fed him with tins of stuff we had bought from Blighty and didn’t want, we put water in a bowl for him, we gave him a mat to lie on. This was a full-on holiday romance with Toodles being the hot date of the Hacienda.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous hunk:

Beauty and the Beast

Man’s besst friend – A Beer

We were now getting into a routine where we cycled or walked every morning, barbeid on the beach every evening and just genuinely chilled, and all with Toodles at our side. As an aside once Viv stopped doing his impersonations of aging northerners he was found to be an all-round good egg.

On the morning of the Fourth of May we had arranged to go on our bikes into the town of Mazarron for some provisions. As I went round the back of the van to unlock the bikes I noticed the police had turned-up and we were being told we could not park here and we needed to be moving on up the coast. I must say the police were very polite and very friendly. We agreed with Viv to move to the Mar Menor near La Manga.

We spent the next hour getting the van packed away and ready to go. There was one last thing left to do, say goodbye to Toodles. This we did and whether there was a language barrier or Toodles was just plain thick he did not seem to understand we were off.

He followed the van as we turned around, he followed us as we pulled slowly into the street, he stood in the middle of the road with his ears erect and sported his best doey eyes look. We gently increased the revs and started to move. Then there was a pure Hollywood moment as Toodles was in the middle of the street looking at us. We could see him in the rear view mirrors, we looked at each other, we knew in the movies we would stop, open the door, Toodles would run and jump in and the credits would roll. But this isn’t Hollywood, we shrugged and agreed; dumb Spanish Mutt and drove off with the pedal fully on the floor.

Some pictures of La Azohia:

Torre La Azohia

La Azohia from Torre

La Azohia before Police Visit

La Azohia – strange men

Cabo de Palos 04/05 – 05/05/2015

We originally planned to head for the town of Los Alcazares where we had sourced a place to park. I am not going to say a lot about this place apart from we didn’t stay. I think this piece of graffiti sums it up.

La Manga Grafitti

We moved on up to Cabo de Palos, parked up, got the Barbie out and had one last evening with Viv as we are now going to move in-land for our final few days in Spain. Here are some pictures of our final night.

Cabo de Palos Vans

making the world better Cabo de Palos

The man of many faces, Viv, and myself

Tracy and Peter Stringfellow. Arp.

Viv, it was great to meet you and we had a great time in your company. However, for the record, it was easier to say goodbye to you than to a dumb animal. Be safe in your travels, keep in touch and let’s try and meet-up when we cross paths in September.

Love to all

Take care


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