Love on The Rock

Gibraltar 07/04/2015

Well technically we are not in Gibraltar, we are parked in a marina in an insignificant place known as ‘the line of the immaculate conception’ or some such nonsense just over the border in Spain.

On a map:

It would seem the Spanish do not even want the place judging by the childish road layout they have imposed on the way into Gib. The result is a town that looks all but shut with property prices less than the worst parts of Scunthorpe and a cacophony of twenty four hour tooting of car horns. So it is fine for Spain to keep a couple of places on Moroccan soil but not for Britain to keep Gibraltar. Lest not forget the UK inherited Gibraltar at the same time as Catalonia was succeeded to Spain. So for a laugh Spain, let’s rip up the treaty of Utrecht lock stock. If not, then stop whinging about Gib. Rant over.

The guide books would have you believe it is a piece of Navy Portsmouth sawn off and dumped a thousand miles away. Umm not true, unless one is talking about the splendid Gun Wharf Quays area. Yes there are some run-down bits like any town but in the whole it gives the impression of a clean, apart from the dog dirt, vibrant place. This is reflected in the property prices where a half decent flat is close to a million and across the border in ‘conception land’ a similar gaff would be about £85K.

From our parking plaza we did have a view of the rock. The visibility was never great while we were there but the pic gives you an idea.


The storm, as predicted had arrived and ripped into Gib with a vengeance. Although we had had minimum sleep in Lidl’s car park we decided to cross into Gib and give it the once over. We felt sorry for the lines of cars stuck in the queue waiting to enter as strolled along and waived our passports at some very dis-interested border guards.

border crossing

Once through the next objective was to cross the ‘Live’ runway of Gibraltar Airport. Not much of a worry as there only seems to be about one flight a day. We then strolled along Main Street, which being Easter Monday, was largely shut. Seems some Spanish work practices are in place. We had a pint in a ‘proper’ British Pub before carrying in through the town to the cable car station and gateway to the Apes. We decided we did not want to go to the caves or the tunnels or anything else the multi-priced ticket had on offer. Two cheap day-returns was the ticket for us, and off we went.

Not a minute out of the top station and the little furry fellows were in abundance. So we made a movie for you that you can view here;

Here are some pictures and views from the top ‘o’ the rock.

New Gibraltar

Go Bananas

Back Scratch

up a bit, left a bit

photo bombing the apes

uninterested ape No 1

uninterested ape No 2

After monkeying around ourselves for a bit we took the Cable Car down and walked along the New Quay and in the direction of Morrisons. On the way I bumped into an old work Colleague from Brussels, Paul Bosnan. Hello to you Paul and your family and hope you had a good holiday and returned safely. Morrisons was superb and we stocked up on as much piggy based products as the freezer could handle.

After our shop we went fully day out by the seaside and had Fish and Chips, pickled onions, bread and butter, mushy peas and a pot of tea. Lovely, and will keep us going until we get home and demolish a large Cod and Chips from Krispies in Exmouth.

So there we have it, Gibraltar, done and dusted, and as quick as any Chinese Tour. Thoughts, we really liked it. It has the feel of a self-contained city with everything you want, unlike the soulless conurbations of the nearby Costa. If we had a choice of a flat in Marbella or Gibraltar then Gib wins hands down, it feels right.

Next for us is Ronda.

Take care

Love to all


2 responses to “Love on The Rock

  1. Always an enjoyable read Chevvers. Im sure in another life you were a copywriter !!

    Love to you both


  2. Blimey can’t keep up I am a few behind what happened to the curly locks E watched the Pete and Dud Eamonn style sketch the other day while sorting some videos out ….funny ;-D keep up the good work and my escape is getting closer


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