Embrace Another Fall

Ouzoud 04/04/2015

This blog comes to you from Camping Zebra in the village of Ouzoud. A village I presume that owes its entire existence to the waterfall; Cascade de Ouzoud, situated here. The waterfall is one of the most impressive sights we have seen in Morocco. The water pours down from the top of the reddish cliffs, crashing off a succession of rocky ledges to fall into the canyon of Wadi el-Abid 100m below.

Here it is on the map:

Marrakech to Ouzoud 02/04/2015

This was a five hour drive along the N8, R204, R304 and finally the P3105, and to be fair the roads were good. It has become apparent that if the roads are to be used by either charabanc centric tourists or the government then there is sporting chance the road conditions will be favourable. We managed to cover the 200 miles in about five hours, a good pace for us. It is a scenic journey, as most are here, with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains on our right shoulder for most of the way. We will not have a video due to the fact we bought a Sim Card in Marrakech that Disney work. The biggest shame about the duff purchased card is we saw a Tortoise in the middle of the road. We decided to go back and get it to safety. Unfortunately, by the time we had manoeuvred the lumbering old bus of ours around it had been stolen. It is probably now called Rupert and all tucked up nice and warm in a little girl’s bedroom in Surbiton.

The landscape north of the Atlas is now awash with colour with the fields sporting many a wild flower of all hues and colours; Poppies I can recognise, sadly the rest I cannot.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Journey and flowers sans Rupert.

Ouzoud 02/04 – 04/04/2015

We managed to get a place at Camping Zebra just on the outskirts of the village, approximately 1.5Km from the falls. We squeezed into a spot behind a Mercedes van with a 70’s inspired paint job incorporating a multi-coloured scarf oriented motif with random fossils appearing in weed-influenced places around the van. It was tastefully finished off in a base coat of mustard. The van was inhabited by the crustiest old fool we have encountered on our trip. A man in his sixties who growled at everything, wore only clothes in either the colours red or yellow, had personalised number plates for his van and accompanying motor bike, drank only filter coffee, wore a pony tail, played Frank Zappa non-stop and gave orders to all who would listen. We didn’t, which made him even crustier. Where did the hippy movement go wrong?

Apart from the old fool the campsite was a lovely place to be. Run by a couple of Dutchies the place had a good vibe, clean showers and views to die for. You really need to book if you want to go here.

Some photos:

We did the walk down to the village and then followed the path via all the restaurants and tat shops to the fall’s viewpoints before reaching the Wadi at the bottom.

Here are some pictures of the walk to the Wadi Floor:

At the valley floor we hired a fit young man with a raft to row us to the bottom of the falls for some pictures before taking us to the other side allowing us to complete the circular walk we planned. You can see the route of the walk with more information on the map in the journeys section.

We also made a video that you can watch here: Watefall Video

Like the cascade we gazed upon in Dartmoor we embraced another fall by climbing the steep zig-zag path to the top. On the way up we managed to see the Macaque Apes that live in these parts. These are the same primates that scamper over the Rock of Gibraltar and like their European based cousins live around the restaurants to enable easy pickings. So if you do not want an ape to eat your breakfast then eat somewhere else.

Some final pictures of the falls, and a primate:

Today we have another long drive to the Mountain resort of Azrou, a town with a campsite known locally as DisneyLand. Can’t wait.

Love to all

Take Care


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