That’s Entertainment

Ait Ben’Haddou 25/03/2015

We are camping for the next two nights here at the world Heritage site of Ait Ben’Haddou. Here it is on the map:

The weather here in Morocco for the last couple of days has been pretty appalling with all roads over the Atlas Mountains closed because of snow. We have been lucky, it is very windy and quite cold but we have had no wintry weather. The forecast looks great from tomorrow onwards and we hope to be crossing the Atlas on Friday, so fingers crossed, insh’allah.

Ouarzazate on the face of it looks a decent town with smart wide boulevards and country clubs. Maybe because of the influence of the film industry the town has a European feel.  We only spent the one night here due to the campsite being a bit out-of-the-way and so making a dash in the current climatic conditions to a restaurant a bit of a no-no. The campsite also was a bit run-down. The clincher though was the total disharmony of the shouty chaps at 5 Am this morning.

So, today we visited the Atlas Film Studios. Some Positives, it is the largest film studios in the world by area. Moving on, like the rest of Morocco you never know if things are being built or falling down. The guide was of little use, he just mumbled the names of films that had been shot there, not always correctly. He had no idea who was in them, what they were about, were they TV or movie. He was only interested in unattached Western women. It is a shame to see the sets of some famous movies left to rot in the Desert sun. There is also no exhibition of props used in the movies or interactive bits. I would have loved to have dressed up and been Russel Crowe for a couple of minutes for €5. Come on Atlas, put up a blue screen up and let people have a fantasy or two. Put some effort into something. As it is it is like having a hike around Steptoe’s yard. Here are some Pictures for you to guess the movies these sets were in. You may need to ask your grannies for some of the answers.

Evil Twins

Who is on the naughty step?

Name that film

Gateway to Heaven

Two Faced

Gladiator Street



Snake Temple

Slave Market

Obviously being at a film studio we made a movie and you can view it here. Atlas Film Studios

Now that’s entertainment

We finished off the day by driving the 35Kms north to Ait Ben’Haddou and even in this short journey the landscape was impressive. National Geographic rates the drive to Marrakech from where we as one of the 10 best drives in the world and we cannot wait. Here is a small taster.

The Atlas Mountains

Likewise we are excited about our visit to the Kasbah, location for Star Wars, tomorrow. We will blog when done.

Love to all

Take Care



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