Beach Side

Erkounte Park, Mirleft 25/02/2015

We Are Here

This is only going to be a short entry today as we are enjoying ourselves in the sun and there is not much to report. Today has been a scorcher, apart from the hour when we decided to go to the beach. This is after my packhorsing has reached extreme heights, I now carry more stuff down to the beach than most people take on holiday. We have also carried out some planning, a first, and we are going to be leaving here on Saturday and taking in some coastal spots before heading East to the desert for the Solar Eclipse. This is on the 20th March for those astronomically inclined.

Asceticism Update.

One of the reasons for writing is our two weeks today anniversary of not touching a drop. It’s hard sometimes when our French neighbours keep offering us an aperitif but so far we have stayed strong. We do feel better and look a million dollars.

Mirleft Visit. 25/02/2015

On Monday we paid a visit to Mirleft, a pleasant town 10K’s North of where we are. It is hippie central, both young and old seem to congregate here especially around the bongo shop. This time we went to Mirleft by the comfort of the bus and not on the back of Serge’s scooter. Speaking of Serge, our relationship has not blossomed into a mature psychological one. It has taken on a slightly comic routine with Serge shouting ‘Soleil, Soleil’ across the site and pointing skywards, I respond by imitating the motorcycle throttle movements and shout back ‘crazee’. Yes it’s comedy with all the subtlety of a flat-footed country copper but we enjoy ourselves. More than can be said for Mrs Serge who prowls around the communal washing line like an angry pirate on a dinner date with Orlando Bloom. She tries to claim pegging rites for entire sections. So pleased today when Tracy showed here just what fast pegging out is all about.

Back to the bus. The bus cost 30p and for that we got a seat with fine Ocean views. It was also reassuring to see such common behaviours as we are used to back home. Within the 20 minute journey we had the youth with full facial claiming he was a child, the I have lost my ticket inspector and finally the classic teenager boys and girls flirting and playfully punching each other. Reminds me of my school days except we didn’t head for the back seat and I never had any facial hair before 37.

Here is a picture of Mirleft

We managed to do our shopping and top up the data cards before getting the bus back. We also bought a mat for the van in a classic Berber design and here it is in its current position in the kitchen. A bargain we believe for £8 but let’s see how it performs after I’ve dropped a breakfast on it.

Colour Supplement: Hello Ladies, sorry I have not been posting but I have been busy getting jiggy with Moroccan fashion. I have been getting rather impatient waiting for my promised gifts. Every time we seem to be getting to a major city with accompanying shops we take a detour down some windy dusty track. When we were in Mirleft I did spot this rather cheeky market stall and my heart stood still when I saw these Fashion Wonders. This is where the Onesy needs to go and I am going to be in the front of the queue when it does. My original fear was shall I have Pink or Blue? So not to be upset I chose both. Just look at those cute bears. Tra La Girls.


There is a new driving video called Tafraout to Abanyou R104 uploaded to YouTube. It is probably the most scenic yet. As always you can select from the Map, our new look video channel or here

Take care

Love to all E&T

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