Trampled Rose

Erkounte Park 19/02/2015

It will be a week tomorrow since we arrived at this rather splendid campsite, which is precisely one day more than we have been partaking in alcohol abstinence. We seem to be in a routine now of doing not a lot but soaking up the sun and generally relaxing. Life is just great to be fair and we do feel quite lucky to be able do this. We plan to stay another week before heading up to Tiznit. Dundee is famous for the 3 J’s; Jam, Jute and Journalism. Tiznit is not, but is famous for silver and dentistry. Naturally I gave Tracy a choice for her valentines present, a choice of fillings or a ring. Surprisingly Tracy chose the latter.


Today we celebrate our first week of Seven with regards to not drinking. To be honest it has been a bit of doddle, much easier than cigarettes as far as I can remember. Firstly it is probably easier in a semi-dry country and secondly our alcohol stock consists of 6 One Litre cartons that cost less than a pound each and unless cooled to within a degree of absolute Zero are un-quaffable. Oh Tracy reminded me of another 6 under the seats of equal quality.

What to do with our stock is the subject of endless debate and fun. Anyway, we have decided to give it to someone deserving. Let us know if you think you are worthy.

On a serious note, we have both felt a great deal better since we joined the Temperance movement. Puffiness from around the face has subsided, the feeling of bloatiness has disappeared and sleeping has got a whole lot better. So far then so good and advisable to all. But I am driving Tracy a little crazy with my narcissist utterings of ‘Is my tummy smaller?’

Sidi Ifni

We paid a visit to Sidi Ifni yesterday. ‘Ifni’ was very badly hit by the floods here last November and the after effects are still visible. Three of the four Campsites were washed away in the torrent that hit. Ifni has a raffish charm about the place, a sort of trampled rose, as well as having enough shops and restaurants to supply and satisfy the disconcerting homies such as we are. We had a little treat yesterday and splashed out a whole English Pound on a Kilo of strawberries.

We may have mentioned before this part of Morocco bears a resemblance to North Devon and Ifni does a fine impersonation geographically of Lynton/Lynmouth. The approaches down a narrow ravine are very similar as are the towns being split between coast and hilltop. But where the Devon towns score is the availability to garner clotted cream for Strawberries. There is no cream whatsoever to be had in Ifni. We had to buy a cornetto and mush it up as an inadequate fudge.

I am no civic dignitary or town twinner but surely this is a match made in heaven for Town twinning. Ifni’s abundant and cheap supply of Strawberries matched with Devonian clotted cream. So come on people of Devon let’s get twinning. Until that day happens here are a couple of pictures of Ifni

Medical Drama

This week we had a tummy problem that required a visit to the doctors. Before anyone gets worried it has all been sorted and everyone is fine. However, we just want to say how kind and considerate are the Moroccan people and how quick, thorough and highly professional were the medical services. I went to reception to find where the nearest doctor was and not only was I told where, a telephone call was made on our behalf, and the owner of the campsite lent us his car to get there. We got to the surgery and was second in the queue, remember those days in the UK before you had to book a month in advance?

The examination included the taking and receiving the result of a urine test, an ultrasound, and medicines prescribed. All completed within 30 minutes of entering the surgery and for a total cost including the drugs of £30. Do you think there is something we could learn here? So a big thanks to all the people who helped.

The Weather

The weather here for the last couple of days has been blowing a mighty puff. Everything has had to be nailed down or put away. On reflection I think we have been a wee bit naive about the weather during our entire trip. Some of it may be as a result of the only experience one has of Iberia is summer holidays and Africa is Africa. We have experienced wind and rain on our journey we have never seen back in the UK. Yes in general the weather is better and most days we are in shorts and T-shirts but when it rains it rains and when it blows it blows. The design of our Motorhome with its fixed bed arrangement in the rear acts as a sound box and amplifies the sound to fever pitch. This does take some time to get used to as does the approach to sand that has now taken home in every nook and cranny.


I have put two new videos on the interactive route section on the side of the page. For the slightly lazy of you:

One is a short Panorama of our local beach and is here:

The second is of our drive through the Western Sahara to Laayoune as is available here:


Our Barbecue came with a Pizza Stone. Yep a Pizza Stone, probably the most wanted kitchen gadget of my life. So can you imagine my ecstasy when Tracy gave the go-ahead for its’ use. I was beside myself as I removed the pristine stone from its bag and gently laid it upon the heat deflector. Next was the laying down of the Pizza itself. I even managed to get Tracy to add some extra ‘fake ham’ topping. Look at the picture below showing the Italian masterpiece awaiting for firing.

I watched over this like an expectant father, every so often removing the lid and gingerly lifting one side with my flipper to inspect the bottom.

After about 20 minutes the time had come. The cheese on top was zestful and begging to be eaten and the dough base on inspection was golden and crisp, not soggy.

So, can you imagine my disappointment when I went to lift the bland, unhealthy, cholesterol laden pancake off the stone. This is what was left behind.

Only the corner next to me was not a charred mess. Pizza stone, Pizza baloney. It only works when the Barbeque is perfectly level. So easy when camping! I had to make a quick trip to the supermarket to get tonight’s dinner Mk 2. On that messy note we will say goodbye.

Take care

Love to all


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